Easter in Czech Republic 2016

The uniqueness of Easter in Czech Republic starts with the way people call Easter in Czech Republic. They call Easter as ‘Velikonoce’ and it is a very important festival for the locals. They celebrate Easter in a grand way with lot of decorations and arrangements made in their house. The country in itself is very colorful and naturally a beautiful place to be in. With an occasion like Easter, people come alive and the life is seen on the streets of this country. The true traditions and customs are sincerely followed in the small towns and villages of the country. There are many rituals and traditions which foreigners may find new when celebrating Easter in Czech Republic.

Easter Week

Easter in Czech Republic is a major festival and celebrations are seen all through the week. Starting with Easter Sunday, the country is on the toes getting ready for Easter and decorating their homes. But Easter in Czech Republic starts much before Easter Sunday. The Wednesday which comes prior to Easter Sunday is known as Ugly Wednesday. On this day people start decorating their homes so that they can celebrate Easter in the way it should be celebrated. Right after this, locals celebrate Green Thursday. On this day little lads in the country carry a wooden rattle. They form groups and walk in the streets of the town or village while rattling their wooden rattles. The significance of this particular act is the sound made of the rattles to help the boys to chase away the Judas. By doing so, they clean the city and ready the place which will celebrate an uninterrupted Easter.

The following day to Green Thursday is the Good Friday. Even on this day the groups of boys are seen walking through the streets to rattling their wooden rattles to chase the Judas. On White Saturday, the boys not only continue the procedure but they also stop at every house and make the rattling sound till they are given some money. This money is taken as a small payment for cleaning the town of Judas. Later after all the houses are covered, the boys divide the money equally.

Easter Sunday is completely dedicated to prepare for Easter Monday. One can see the signs of Easter mood creeping into every house on this day. Girls gather and prepare Easter Eggs. They paint the eggs with exotic colors and paint beautiful designs. Nowadays, decoration of Easter egg has become a simple affair. You tend to get Easter egg decoration stickers which you can simply stick on every egg to give them beautiful designs.

Easter Monday is one of the most celebrated days in the whole Easter Week. It is also known as Whipping Monday. Boys tend to whip the girls’ legs and wash the area with water. The significance of this act is that it is believed that it will cure people from illness and diseases. This little act of whipping will bring good health to the person all year long. The tradition of whipping has been since the pagan era. The braided whip is made of ‘pussy willow twigs’. These whips are treated as religious symbols and are highly respected.

Easter Feast in Czech Republic

The feast of Easter is not to be missed. Lot of delicious dishes are made in the Easter period. The favorite dish of the Czech locals is the ‘Babovka’. This is a type of coffee bread which is served in the dinner or lunch. ‘Mazanec’ is another important recipe of Czech localities. Some of the other important dishes of Easter in Czech Republic are Easter gingerbread, Easter Ram Cake, Judas cake and God’s mercy which is a type of sugar coated doughnut.