Easter Cookies 2016

Every holiday around the world has traditions of special foods attached to the celebration. Easter is no exception as Easter cakes, cookies, puddings, and muffins form an integral part of the celebrations.  The Easter cookies are extremely delicious stuffed with ground cinnamon, currants, and mixed candied peel and with a light flavor of butter and chocolates for some exquisite cookie recipes. The fact that they are not very sweet is also a reason that makes them a favorite among people of all ages during the Easter with all the chocolate and Easter candies floating around.

The Tradition of Easter Cookies

Making and gifting Easter cookies in nicely decorated Easter baskets is a very important part of the Easter festival. It is an age-old tradition in England. The aroma of the Easter cookies being baked in every home mark an end to the end of Lent. It is a kind of beginning of all celebrations and feasts to celebrate the resurrection of a new hope. The easter cookies are often given as a gift to family and friends to celebrate the end of Lent and start enjoying the festivities of Easter.

Easter cookies are not only favorite among people, especially kids during the Easter, they are really a delicacy at any time of the year as they can be stored in air-tight containers for a very long period of time. Also, you can gift them to a friend on a special occasion to impress him/her any time of the year.

Easter Traditions in Different parts of the World

Just like the Easter eggs, Easter cookies are also a very important part of easter traditions. There are almost a thousand traditions and fablesinvolving baking around Easter. Let us have a look at some well-known traditions concerning cookies in some Christian countries in the world:

  • Greek and Italian Easter Cookies Traditions

During the Easter,Cookies and sweetbreads form a very important part of the meal in many Mediterranean countries. In Greece, the traditional cookie baked during this time is Koulourakia which is a butter-based braided cookie with a delicate flavor of vanilla.

In Italy, citrus flavored cookies are the favorites among people. They have very interesting names, like, Knot Cookies, Lemon Knots, Anginetti and Taralucci, to name just a few.

These tasty, crumbly and frosted cookies are sprinkled with colored confetti.

  • Nordic Cookies

In the Nordic regions, Semla, which cannot be precisely described as cookies, are famous. There are various processes by which they are made, but basically, they are pastries stuffed with almond paste whipped cream or jam. Semlas are served from Shrove Tuesday. It is known as Fastlagsbulle in Sweden and fastelavnsbolle in Denmark and Norway. The name is Laskiaispulla in Finland, though the delicacy is almost the same. 

  • The American Easter Cookie

The American Easter Cookie or the sugar cookie is famous all around the world. It is given various decorations and shapes for variations in different places. Americans like to make Easter-themed sugar cookies in a multitude of shapes like bunny cookies, decorated egg cookies, flower cookies, chick cookies and almost all shapes that are related to the celebrations of Easter.