Easter Celebrations 2016

Easter celebration around the world is the most important and popular festival of Christian Community which is witnessed with sweet fervor and high zest. During this festival families and friends come closer and mark the resurrection of Jesus. Being one of the most auspicious and significant Christian festivals, this happy time is one of holidays, festivities and offering specifically chocolate Easter eggs and flowers.

The Blooming Fervor

Traditional Easter celebration is observed as rebirth of spiritually in the form of Jesus. It is a spring holiday that ushers in new growth and flowering. Trees are budding, flowers are softly blooming, lawns are flourishing the days stretching longer. The nip and cold of winter give way to a new optimism enriched with sun, warmth and joy.

People commemorates Easter in view of their beliefs and their religious connotations. Christians commemorate Good Friday as the last day of Jesus Christ and Easter Sunday is accepted as the day when He was resurrected. Protestant settlers established the custom of a sunrise service, a religious get together at dawn, to the United States.

Religious Spirit at its All Time High

The religious origin of Easter is an integral part of the Christian holiday but it never refrain people belonging to all customs and faiths from celebrating the most secular side of this seasonal holiday. There is plenty to enjoy like the bunnies, chicks, children's baskets flooded with candies and family gatherings present another face of Easter. So irrespective of your beliefs, you can celebrate the new happenings that appear each year with the onset of spring time.

The white Easter lily comes to enjoy the glory of the Christian Easter celebration. The word "Easter" is termed after Eastre - the Anglo Saxon goddess of spring. A festival was observed every year at the vernal equinox in her honor.

The Significance of Easter

Easter is one of the traditional, oldest and most important Christian celebrations. Commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this traditional feast is always observed on the first Sunday following a full moon, which may vary from March 22nd to April 25th at the latest. During this churches and homes are decorated and filled with illuminating and aesthetic floral arrangements, particularly the Easter Lily.

The Customaries

The festivity of Easter Sunday is followed by a big festive family meal, Easter egg hunting, and the handing over Easter gifts and floral arrangements. On Easter Sunday the elders of the family and friends are provided with an opportunity to hide Easter eggs in and around the house while the younger generations launch their hunt for the hidden eggs. If the Christian beliefs are to be considered, Easter eggs symbolize eternal new life, which people were given with, by Jesus Christ's resurrection. It can be considered the best, auspicious and delightful occasion to witness and enjoy the togetherness and spirituality of the occasion!