Easter in Canada 2016

Easter is a major Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Easter in Canada is celebrated at the same at as in United States of America. There is not much of a difference in the traditions and celebrations of Easter in Canada. The Easter festival falls on the first full moon day after the spring season. There are various activities which are carried out by the locals of Canada. Similar to many other countries, people celebrate Easter by decorating their houses and feasting with family and friends. The main essence of Easter is to praise the lord for saving them from the demons and guiding them in the righteous path.


Easter is celebrated in Canada with the decoration of Easter eggs and making of the Easter eggs. Preparation of the Easter feast is also very important on this day which is celebrated in the name of Jesus. As Canada has a versatile population there are many non-Christian people who live there. This brings in a completely different attitude to the Easter celebrations in Canada. The participation of non-Christians also brings a feel of togetherness and unity which removes clauses of different religions and sects. Easter in Canada also shows an example of how one occasion can bring together so many people of different cast and creed.

The decoration part of the festival is mostly done by children. The Easter eggs are prepared by kids in school and at home. The Easter eggs are a very important aspect of Easter in Canada. They are bought by everyone in the country to see how much of good luck one gets in that year. Another important activity is the egg hunt activity which is mostly organized by the community organizations to bring in some excitement to people. Children and adults participate with equal enthusiasm in this competition. Canada is also famous for possessing the world’s largest Easter egg. In 1975, the largest Easter egg or more popularly known as Ukrainian ‘Pysanka’ was constructed. Professor Ronald Resch was instrumental in making this possible.

Winter Carnival

Quebec City is well known for hosting the Winter Carnival in the Easter period. One of the biggest celebrations of Easter in Canada is the Winter Carnival. This is a pre-Lent carnival is given a winter-theme so that people still experience the holiday mood. Cold weather and good snow falls are necessary for this event to be major success. There is skiing, ice sculptures and many more things which are present in this winter carnival. People from all across the country come to the carnival to have some fun. This is another main reason for people to fix the Easter date either in the last days of January or the starting days of February.

Tradition of Easter in Canada

Like every other country which celebrates Easter, Canada also has an Easter tradition. After offering prayers to the Lord, they have Easter lunch mostly with family or friends who are invited. Maple baked beans, potatoes nicoise, Cape Breton sconses and apple tart are some of the favorite Easter dishes for people in Canada. Not to forget Easter eggs which are had along with Maple syrup. Easter bunnies and Pussy Willows also have a very prominent place in the traditions of Easter in Canada.