Easter Cakes 2016

Traditionally speaking, Easter cakes are a very important part of Easter. The fashionable Easter bonnet, the cuddly Easter Bunny, the colorful Easter parades, the little creative Easter eggs, the delicate Easter lilies, the Paschal candle and the somber Paschal Lamb, - everything just seem incomplete without a yummy Easter cake. When it comes to kids, they are all the more excited about their favorite Easter cake and cannot wait to gorge on the delicacy!

Different Types of Easter Cakes

Different regions have their own traditions of Easter cakes, and each one of them has a unique and different reason for that. Oschterlammele is the Easter cake from Alsace whereas except this place, France does not have any tradition of a specific Easter cake. Bakers are left to their creativity and are free to make any cake they want to make on Easter day. However, the most common cake is the Easter nest.

Hot cross buns, which taste more or less like cakes are a hot favorite among people during Easter among the UK people. The lightly flavored and sweet bun which is filled with raisins and candied fruits has a cross on the top and is dusted with icing sugar. In Great Britain and Ireland, another cake that is very favorite among the people is the Simnel cake. This is the traditional cake used to break the Lent fast. There is a story that the Simnel cake was first made by a couple named Simon and Nelly who were making a cake to celebrate the end of Lent. While they were making the cake, they argued whether the cake should be boiled or baked. As a matter of compromise, they did both, and hence the tasty Simnel cake was made!

The Easter bread which is full of plump white raisins is favorite among Russian people. However, this bread is regarded as a cake, and not just bread. In some Eastern European countries, the Easter cake is regarded as ‘babka’ meaning "little old woman" and is shaped like a skirt.

In Italy, Easter cakes are in the shape of rabbits signifying the symbol of birth and new life. Some countries even make Easter cakes in the shape of a lamb, a symbol of Jesus, as a part of the traditions.

Cake Recipes

Easter is the favorite time of the confectionary shops as they do a lot of business during this time. Those who love to cook, check for different Easter Cake recipes in internet, newspapers and magazines and make the cakes at home by themselves. This is also a fantastic way to impress the family and guests during the Easter party.

There are a whole lot of recipes of Easter cakes out there, so much so that you will be spoilt for choice. Most of the cakes are inspired by various symbols of Easter like Easter bunnies and Easter eggs which makes the cakes all the more special. While making your Easter cake, you have to choose from the Easter cake ideas and make your masterpiece. The best thing about Easter cakes is they need not be devoured during Easter only; you can as well store them in air-tight containers for a family get together, kid’s school party or church social.

Most of the Easter cake recipes are very easy to make. Sometimes all that you have to do is to buy a box of cake mix and make it according to the directions written on the box.

Do the icing with any flavor you like on the baked cake, decorate it according to the directions given in the recipe or, the better, with your creativity, and you are ready with your yummy Easter cake in no time at all!

List of Some Easter Cake Recipes:

* Lemon Easter Basket Cake
* Chocolate Praline Easter Cake
* Apple Easter Cake
* Easter Lamb Cake
* Easter Bunny Cake
* Angel Food Cake
* Daffodil Easter Cake
* Chocolate Carrot Cake
* Lamb Mold Cake
* Jelly Bean Confetti Cake
* Fresh Apple Easter Cake
* Marshmallow Cupcakes


As winter heads its way to the spring and Easter is just round the corner, the first thing you should decide is the Easter cake you are going to make this season as a part of the festivities. It is not just a part of the tradition of the celebrations of Easter now; it has become a tradition in itself during the Easter. Your Easter get-togethers will never feel complete with a generous serving of the Easter cakes that everyone is going to love!