Easter Bunny 2016

Easter has always been an important occasion for every Christian around the world. Though every country has its own way of celebrating because of different customs and traditions, they still celebrate it for the same reason. This day marks the resurrection of Christ after crucifixion. After observing Lent for 40 days where people refrain from eating meat, drinking and having any celebration, Easter is celebrated in a big way. It is a very special day for every Christian.

Easter bunny is one of the prominent symbols of Easter celebration in Christian religion. Other than Easter fish, eggs and bells, the Easter bunny is also used in decorations and celebration. Though most of us use the Easter bunny as a decoration piece, we still don’t know it relevance.

Easter Bunny

The Rabbit and the Hare are known to be one of the most fertile creatures. They symbolize a new life during spring. The Easter bunny has its origin in Germany. In the year 1500, it was first mentioned in German. During 1800s, the first edible Easter bunnies were made and they main ingredient used was sugar and pastry.

The German settlers later introduced the Easter bunny to Americans. These settlers first arrived in Pennsylvania Dutch country in 1700. The “Oschter Haws” was the best childhood pleasure as children believed that if they were nice to “Oschter Haws” it would lay colorful eggs in the nest.

Small kids during Easter would build a nest in a particular place near the house.  The garden was the appropriate place. Girls would use their bonnets and boys used their caps to build the nest. It was later that Easter bunny got popular and they came in small baskets.

In many schools, kids are taught to make the Easter bunny for decoration. These bunnies are put up for decoration during Easter. People also gift each other Easter bunny, along with Easter eggs, flowers and bread. Every one wish each other on Easter and since the Easter bunny is a symbol of fertility people pass it to every family.

Easter bunnies are available in many stores. People buy them along with colorful Easter eggs, fish and bells. Some of them also buy real bunnies to gift their friends and relatives. Now, gradually this belief is also fading. Very few people believe in giving Easter bunny as the style of celebrating Easter is far different from what it used to be earlier.