Easter in Brazil 2016

Easter in Brazil is celebrated in a grand way. Brazil is the place of color and culture. The place where there is full of joy and glee spreads wider on the eve of Easter. There are loads of activities and customs which are performed by the locals of Brazil. The place is filled with carnivals and fests. There are huge lines of stalls which sell homemade food and a variety of costumes which are worn by models in the parade. Due to various factors, Brazil celebrates Easter in a different way than the normal. Fetes, carnivals, delicious food, parades and many more factors blend together to bring the flavor of Easter in Brazil.

Hectic Decorations are done at the time of Easter and it is simply superb the way the whole country is decorated. Every street and house is decorated heavily to celebrate the day Jesus resurrected. There are several discounts which are offered on Easter Bunnies as they are an important aspect of Easter celebrations. The Easter Bunnies which are considered to be very good omen for those who bring it home are found everywhere and anywhere in this season. Similarly there are many other exciting things which are observed on the eve of Easter.

Celebrations of Easter in Brazil

Celebrations of Easter in Brazil start with the rituals of Holy Week. In this week there are several activities which take place like the blessing with palm branches and making intricate and creative crosses etc. People also write letters and make banners on the name of Jesus Christ. They sing his praises and Hymns are common activities in churches and houses alike. Similar to the celebrations in other countries, the locals of Brazil also take out processions and carnivals by wearing different costumes and carrying the statues of Mary and the cross. These parades are filled with color and pomp. There is loud music and dancing by various artists in the parade.

‘Pacoca’ is a special Easter dish which is cooked on Easter by the locals of Brazil. This is a delicacy which is enjoyed by one and all and they are very tasty. The Carnival which is one of the major events of Easter is celebrated in the preceding days of ‘Ash Wednesday’ and on the first day of the starting of Lent which is observed for 40 days.

There is a 700 meter long strip where the parade happens, is filled with people in this season and is very colorful. Huge number of locals and tourists come to witness this parade. The flash lights constantly fall on the artists and the shutter bug doesn’t stop flapping. Some of the unique natural miracles like the Macela flower which blossoms only in the period of Lent are worshipped by the devotees. This flower is also known to have many medicinal advantages; hence it is used as an herb after the Easter season is over. Devotees flock the churches to get the blessings of the priest on this joyous occasion.

Some of the delicacy which you may have chance to grab are chocolate Easter eggs, clipfish, Easter ring cake and the list goes on. When a country like Brazil which is filled with color and joy celebrates Easter, even the widest stretch of imagination may also not describe the sight.