Easter Bonnet 2016

Easter is the time for happiness and rejoices, the Easter Bonnets, the Easter bunnies and the Easter eggs are some part of the Easter without which the day is never complete. The idea of Easter Bonnets comes with the new and lavish dresses that were bought by the people at the Easter time to enjoy and celebrate the happiness of resurrection of Christ after death.

 From olden times, people started to buy new clothes on the festive occasion of Easter and lavish and frilly bonnet became an inevitable part to celebrate the end of the lent period. The Easter dress and bonnet shopping came as the activity marking the end of the lent period when such luxuries are denied to oneself and the people keep themselves simple. After Easter this bonnets were used as the basket to store the Easter eggs or goodies or eater bunnies or else kept aside for some other purpose if not worn as bonnet again.

Easter bonnets wore by women at the rejoicing occasion came to be a part of the great day and was carried on for years. It was a pride and a simple happiness on part of the women to buy a bonnet for Easter and to wear a new one on the day. People, who could not afford a new bonnet and dress for Easter, trim and polish their old one to wear it for the day, but they could never consider an Easter Sunday without a bonnet, new or old. Even today, even if wearing frilly and the lavish bonnet is not followed, Easter bonnets are indeed made and purchased by the many people maybe just as a symbol of the great day.

Easter Bonnets at the Parade

The Easter Parade was very common in the earlier years than today and the people used to take part and enjoy the parades organized on the day. They dresses up in the finest clothes and wear their special Easter bonnets or the so called spring bonnet to the parade as a pride or point of finery. The frillier it was the more better it was considered. Some even tried the most out of the normal designs for their bonnets and chose a rather big or very different or weird one to make them stand out of the crowd. Some women even went as far to go for one which was impractical for the day to day or personal use but made a striking point at the Easter parade.

Easter Bonnet Today

Though Easter bonnet was a piece of pride and a symbol of the Easter Sunday, the popularity of Easter bonnet began to decline in the twentieth century and by the end of the century there were very few if any women wearing it. Bonnets lost its place in the society and the Easter bonnet became a mere hat that was worn by women in earlier days. But today the popularity have began to rise after more people started to embrace this traditional hat worn on the festive occasion. Tough the style and the design of the bonnet changed a lot people started buying it at the festive season at least for the sake of tradition. Cream or white colored bonnets with pastel colored ribbons or bow is the one that is more common today. Little boys and girls and a very few percentage of women are seen wearing the bonnet to the church or to the parade on the Easter Sunday.

Easter Bonnet Decoration

It is easy and exciting to decorate an Easter Bonnet and wear one, boasting your talent, for the coming Easter. Tying a colorful ribbon around the bonnet or decorating it with fresh or artificial flowers can help you to have an easy and self decorated Easter bonnet. To make an Easter Bonnet more exciting for your kid, you can try fixing small stuffed toys on it with the help of glue or sticking stars or heart shapes on the bonnet to make it more colorful.

Try giving your child a bonnet this Easter and let him/her know the importance and the tradition behind wearing one on the Easter Sunday.