Easter Around the World 2016

Easter is a beautiful festival that is celebrated by thousands of Christians around the world. It is considered to be one of the holiest festivals after Christmas. Easter around the world is celebrated in different ways depending on different countries, their customs and traditions.

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after crucifixion. The 40 days of fasting is known as Lent. These were the 40 days when Jesus fasted in the dessert and prayed. Therefore, during Lent, Christians refrain from eating meal, drinking and concentrate on praying.

Easter around the World

Easter is celebrated with a lot of fun and flare in different countries. The Easter bunny is an important Easter symbol in many countries like Europe and France. Other than Easter bunnies, Easter bells and fish are some prominent icons of Easter.

Before the 40 days of fasting period (Lent), pre-Lent carnivals are held in many countries. Out of these, the Rio de Janeiro carnival is quite popular. When it comes to European countries, decorating Easter eggs in various designs and colors is an important part of Easter.

As compared to earlier times, Good Friday and Easter Monday have lost its importance. It is more like an extended weekend to go for a vacation. Rather than indulging in religious activities, people prefer to have fun and hang out with friends and relatives. Even preparing authentic dishes is no more a part of Easter celebration in many countries around the world. In a few countries, this is how Easter is celebrated:-


On Easter day, a lot of crime thrillers and detective novels are read as this is a popular activity. The Paaskekrim is a crime novel that is read by most people on Easter. Most Norwegians like to take a vacation on mountains.


The Latvians celebrate Easter by playing the egg game.


Earlier lilies were known to be a symbol of purity. The White trumpet lily is known as the “Easter Lilies” in the United States. These lilies blossom during spring time and are used for Easter decorations.


One of the most popular Easter events in Mexico is the passion play. Every year on Easter, this play is enacted by people and many people from towns participate in this.


In Sweden, kids dress like witches and visit houses with Easter cards. After visiting every home, they are given candies to make their Easter special.