Easter in Italy 2016

Every country has a unique and different way of celebrating Easter. Easter in Italy is known as Pasqua and is celebrated in a traditional way. The day after Easter Sunday, which is a Monday is known as la Pasquetta and is a holiday for everyone in Italy. The 40 days of Lent in Italy is a time when people take out solemn processions.

Easter is a special time of the year when all families come together and celebrate. Good Friday and Easter in Italy is observed by every family. After Christmas, Easter is the second major festival for Christians. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Easter in Italy

Easter is celebrated all over the world as it marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after crucifixion. The 40 days of fasting known as Lent and Easter is considered to be very auspicious and holy.

Italian Easter is a blend of many rituals and celebrations. Many Italians get completely involve in celebrating this festival with great gusto. The rituals and the culture are reflected by the way the Italians celebrate Easter. Easter in Italy has its own significance and they have a close connection to the ancient pagan tradition. A week before Easter is the Holy Week.

Palm Sunday is a day when all the churches in Italy are filled with baskets of olive branches and palm leaves. These leaves are then blessed by the priest and give out to people. St. Peters Square is filled with people on Palm Sunday. People flock here to receive the Palm leaves that have been blessed by the Pope after the special service in the church. In Italy, Holy Friday is known as Giovedi Santo and most churches here have the ceremony of washing of the feet at the altar.

Other Italian Easter Traditions

Scoppio del Carro which means explosion of the cart is a very popular Italian Easter tradition. This is one of the most amazing traditions followed by people even today. This Easter celebration has been followed since 300 years in Florence. In this a huge wagon that was built in 1679, which stands about three stories high is dragged by white oxen decorated with colorful garlands. Just like other countries, the 40 days of fasting known as Lent is followed here as well.

After fasting and refraining from eating meat, people get ready to feast on some amazing Easter delicacies. Here the Easter Carnival is very popular. It includes dancing, masquerades, pagents and music. The entire atmosphere is filled with merrymaking. The carnival in Italy starts in January and end on Ash Wednesday.

Easter in Italy is very special to Italians. Italian Easter dinner is very grand with all the special delicacies prepared and one of the favorite dish is the roasted baby lamb known as Agnellino. Another important dish is Brodetto Pasquale which is made of egg. This dish is a broth based Easter soup that is made thick with eggs. Eggs are considered to be a major Easter ingredient in dishes. Different types of breads savory and sweet are also included in the italian easter meal. The dove shaped breads- Colomba and Pannetone are also given as Easter gifts. Friends and family members give hollow chocolates with something written in it. Easter in Italy is always special to every Italian.