How to Make Draw Drapes

Drapes are actually long curtains to decorate the windows. There are several types of draw drapes available out there in the market such as silk drapes, velvet drapes and so on.

From where you can get ideas on how to make draw drapes and how to use drapes in your house. The drapes come in a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton to silk and so on if you are clueless how to make draw drapes.

How to Make Draw Drapes

If you use silk drapes for your home it will be an enchanting moment for you. Silk drapes give a sense of richness. If you use stripped silk it gives double effect and when the light falls on it, it shines in two colors. If the stripes happen to be of two colors then an eye-catching third color is produced. People generally like stripes in the same color or darker colors.

Choose Silk

You can choose texture silk also. They are thick enough and so give a solid look. There is another option also available and that is the use of partnered silk because it gives a look that keeps it apart from others. These fabrics are of high standard and a choice of one and all designers. These draperies are available in a variety of colors and as per your requirementyou can choose one. However, in case you are a little bit confused you may get advice of some expert to get an idea how to make draw drapes. So finally if you want to give your home a fabulous look then choose silk.

Velvet Drapes

Another classic choice as to how to make draw drapes for your house is velvet drapes. The material is costly and it is so thick that light and heat cannot pass through it. So in cold countries where warmth is badly required,velvet drapes is the first choice. Velvet drapes are ideal to be used in bed rooms as once they are dropped the room becomes dark as it does not allow light to pass. Although velvet is heavy material but when touched it gives an immense joy.

Synthetic/Cotton Drapes

Ideal window drapes are those drapes which should keep the light and heat/cold outside and should also look beautiful. There are several fabrics which are being used for the ideas onhow to make draw drapes . They are linen, silk, cotton and so on. Synthetic materials are also used in preparing window drapers. The first quality of a window draper is that it should suit and enhance the beauty of the room. One should keep two types of window drapers. One should be used for daily purpose and the other for occasional use.

We often fail to distinguish the function of window blind and curtain drapers. We should keep in mind that the window curtain allows flow of air whereas the window blind restricts the entry of heat but allows air to pass.

Other Tips on How to Make Draw Drapes

This is a fact that all people are not expert in this art of apprehending how to make draw drapes. However, this is a fact that a curtain’s size is bigger than the size of blinds. So obviously if you want to improve the appearance of curtains you have to work hard and that too with sincerity.

Images on Window Add Spice to the Room

However, if you draw some image on the window blind it will become a very beautiful ornament in your room and that too without putting any extra effort. Because when you open window blinds the slate becomes parallel and you ca not see the image.

You have to keep in mind that when you close the blinds an image appears in front of you. It may be anything; the image of your son or an animation of a hero.

The best thing is that you can draw the image without any extra effort. In this regard you should keep a copy of the image and some drawing skill. When this is done, be confident that your room will look very beautiful.

Draw back of Curtains

Besides, the primary work of a curtain is to block the air circulation and it should also be able to restrict entry of heat. However,if you use a drape to cover the window then not only the entry of heat is restricted but the room becomes ill-ventilated also.

Benefits of Window Blinds

This is a burning fact that window blinds, whether it is made of plastic or wood, cannot be air tight. In addition it allows you to be creative as compared to curtains. However, you can take the help of embroidery to decorate your curtains.


This is just one idea of how to make draw drapes more artistic and which will improve the appearance of your room. If you take the help of internet or take the help of your imagination; you can make numerous modifications in the blinds.