Dominica Carnival Food

National specialties:
    • Tee-tee-ree (tiny freshly spawned fish).
    • Lambi (conch).
    • Agouti (a rodent).
    • Manicou (small opossum).
    • Crab backs (seasoned crab meat).
    • Bello Hot Pepper Sauce is made locally and served everywhere with almost everything.
Dominica Carnival lambi food
National drinks:
  • Island fruit juices are excellent.
  • Rum punches, particularly coconut rum punch (made from fresh coconut milk, sugar, rum, bitters, vanilla and grenadine).
  • Sea Moss is a non-alcoholic beverage made from sea moss or seaweed, with a slightly minty taste.
Dominica Carnival fruit juice


  • A 10 per cent service charge is added by most hotels and some restaurants.
  • Other less tourist places do not add service to the bill and tipping is discretionary
  • 10 to 15 per cent of the bill is acceptable.
  • Taxi rates are set by law and therefore taxi drivers do not expect tips.
Dominica Carnival forest treat


  • Some hotel lounges stay open until 2300 and there is music at weekends at several hotels.
  • A favorite haunt in Roseau, La Robe Creole, has dance music nightly with live bands at weekends.
  • Popular local discos include The Warehouse, Scorpio and Doubles International.
  • There are often folklore evenings with authentic costumes and music.
  • Hotel staff will generally be able to advise visitors as to the best places.
Dominica Carnival Anchoragel

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