Dolphin Tattoos

Symbolism of free spirit and fun, dolphin tattoos are widely popular among people today. Even though women are more inclined towards getting a dolphin inked on their body, men who are into surfing and boarding are also keen to get a dolphin tattoo. To suit the personality, symbolism, mood and desired representation, the dolphin tattoos can be designed in different ways and in combination with different elements. These tattoos are suitable to be inked in any part of the body. They are also good in any style, size and color.

In addition to the simple, modern symbolisms of fun and free spirit, the dolphin tattoos have been found to have strong mythical and historical symbolism and significance too. The ancient cultures considered dolphins magical animals. In Greek mythology, they are seen to carry Aphrodite, the goddess of love and accompany Poseidon, the god of sea. Celtic, Maori and Pacific Islanders attribute Magic, Power and Beauty to these fun loving creatures. These designs are more tribal, that is they are more impressionistic rather than realistic.

Two circling dolphins is one of the most popular Celtic designs. They are also used to represent the Ying-Yang symbol. The tattoos of water signs – Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces – also incorporate dolphins in their design because of their connection to water. The dolphins can be mixed with other design bits including roses, crosses, flowers, and the like to get unique tattoo designs of your choice. Combination of vibrant colors and deep hues is mainly preferred for dolphin designs.

Some of the popular dolphin tattoos include the Dolphin

  • With a fairy
  • In an island
  • Along with sunrise
  • Trinity
  • With clover
  • With love heart
  • Splash
  • Ring
  • Wave
  • School
  • Silhouette
  • With angel wings

Apart from being fun filled, magical creatures, dolphins are also known for their intelligence. Many people would like to represent this trait through their dolphin tattoos. Dolphins have great reasoning abilities and their intelligence is close to that of the humans. Sea people believe that they can direct fishermen to lush fishing grounds and save stranded sailors.

Whether to show your love for beaches and oceans or your free spirited, fun nature or to represent your water sign, you can go for different types of dolphin tattoos.

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