Disney Shopping

Background of Disney Stores:

The world famous Disney land has emerged in modern times as a huge entertainment conglomerate. Its presence is felt in all spheres of the entertainment world. As an extension of their Disney land and the characters that are the signature of Disney, there are  Disney Stores  all across the world that sell exclusively branded merchandise of the Disney brand some of them owned by the Walt Disney Company and others as franchisee run operations.

These are a chain of specialty stores and are present internationally. In the USA, in Europe in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and in countries such as Japan and Hong Kong in the Far East.

Types of products:

The range of products that are available for Disney shopping is aimed primarily at children. All of the products carry the branding of Disney and have some connection to the Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Winnie the Pooh. Tigger Disney princess's such as Cinderella, pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, Toy story, The Incredibles etc. there are clothes for children and adults, toys and games, movies and music, accessories , home furnishings such as articles for the house, children's nursery, stationery, bathroom and car accessories, pillows, lamps, furniture, collectibles, luggage, watches, etc there are also articles with a Disney theme that are specially sold during the Christmas season to be used as decorations  for the home, office and Christmas tree.

Disney shopping online:

Disney shopping is also available online for the vast majority of people who wish to shop from the comfort of their home or office without venturing outside. The entire range of products mentioned above is available at their online store at www.disneystore.com . Not only can shoppers shop for Disney products from the comfort of their own home, they can also track the progress of their order delivery through the online  tracking system that is available on the website.

Discounts and other promotional offers:

Disney shopping can be made more pleasurable by taking advantage of the various offers and promotions that the company offers to its shoppers. The coupons entitle the shopper to avail great benefits on shopping such as huge discounts on selected merchandise, free shipping on certain products and certain days, cash discounts on products of a certain type etc.

Disney shopping stores have become increasingly popular with consumers because with the discounts and promotional offers they have something to look forward to almost daily. They have offers such as  daily deals, and reduced prices on different categories of products as well as many and frequent sales.


For the convenience of the online shoppers, Disney shopping extends the benefit of discount shopping through coupons as well. What the customer has to do is enter the Disney promotional coupon code at the designated screen while making a purchase and get the reduced price / free shipping etc of the discount coupon. This makes for great savings for the customer, sometimes products cost lesser than 10% of their original marked price. However the customer has to ensure that the discount is still available before making the purchase.