Differences Between Traditional Handbag Types Vs Contemporary Handbags?


Every woman loves handbags. They shop for them just like clothes and accessories. Just like our wardrobe has been changed or updated with time, so has the fashion of handbag industry. But have you ever wondered that there are traditional handbags also available in the market besides the contemporary handbags?

Let us brief you about traditional handbags, its types and how contemporary handbags are different from the traditional ones.

Handbags are purses or pouches especially crafted for women to carry their useful belongings in them like cosmetics, hairbrush, mobile phones and other such things. Handbags are not a modern invention but they existed in the old times too with the only difference being then called as traditional handbags and now as modern/contemporary handbags.

Traditional Handbags and Types

Handbags which were used by women of old times to store their stuff depending upon the size of the bag are called traditional handbags. Traditional handbags are of many types such as the bilum made of brush rope or wool; a shoulder bag crafted from baobab tree, the Ojibwa bag, the Yoruba bag, a Burmese bag cum wallet, Scandinavian Sami bag, the Betel bag, a Chinese handbag of floral print, the lizard bag and other such bags.

Contemporary Handbags and Types

Contemporary handbags are just an advancement and innovation to the traditional handbags. As time passed, fashion has taken a whole new definition and dimension to clothing as well the handbag industry. The fabric in making modern handbags has been changed, the style and design, as well as the size. As today’s world is more conscious about brands and fashion, many brands are coming up with their exclusive designs and styles.

Types of contemporary handbags include the tote, the messenger bag, the backpack, the satchel bags, wallets, pouches, shoulder strap bags, cosmetic bags, duffel bags, the hobo bag and many others.
What is the difference between traditional handbag types V/s contemporary handbags?

In earlier days, people crafted handbags from crochet, wool, plant material and other such fabrics. Each bag was knitted with hand which gave bags an elegant look, whereas contemporary bags though use these fabrics, but concentrate more on leather and other such durable material.

Another difference between traditional handbags and contemporary handbags is the design and style. As new designs in handbags were invented, it was accepted by the people and a fashion was created to see new designed handbags everywhere.