Differences between Casual Handbags Vs Fashion Handbags Vs Formal Handbags?

Firstly, it is very important for one to determine the use of handbags. Women’s handbags come in various shapes, sizes, quality and material. However, the size of handbags is classified as day handbag use, casual handbag use, elegant handbag use, formal handbag use, fashion handbag use and general handbag use.

Formal Handbags

Formal handbags are designed especially for office use and are large enough to carry all the belongings yet comfy enough to be carried all day long. As bags usually also accommodate make-up as well as personal hygiene stuff, a wallet or a clutch carrying documents like ID, credit cards, the bills to be paid etc. Formal handbags are usually shoulder strapped to keep hands free from holding it so that women can do their rest of important work. Though these bags are bulky, the quality has not been compromised on for crafting them. Class one durable leather has been used or another good quality of fabric.

Casual Handbags

Casual handbags are bags to be used on fun cum routine days. The elements of casual handbags are same as that of formal handbags comprising of the documents and personal belongings. These bags come in all shapes and sizes to compliment one’s looks and taste. As the name suggests-fun bags, these can be taken out for shopping or for a movie and also to the park. Alternatively, these bags can also be used to carry an extra pair of clothing, a tooth brush or any small item such as children’s items, diapers and toys. These bags are mostly used by teenagers as they come in various vibrant and lovely colors.

Fashion Handbags

Fashion handbags are bags which are designed considering the constant change in fashion. These are carefully designed to meet the fashion needs of a woman besides being sufficient in accommodating her stuff. Fashion handbags come in different colors, both subtle and vibrant and also in various shapes and sizes-small, medium, large and bulky. These handbags are particularly for women who often change their handbags to keep themselves updated about fashion whilst having bags which can fit in any of their stuff.