Difference Between Branded Handbags Vs Handbags Replicas From China

Handbags are every woman’s necessity. They are never seen without handbags. Handbags come in all shapes and sizes, large, medium and small to accommodate necessities such as books, cosmetics, mobile phone, accessories and other such stuff. With emerging fashion, new designs and types of handbags are available in the market. One can find various designs of handbags in various colors and prints.

There are various local companies making nice and cute handbags with exclusive design and style. On the other hand, branded companies also hire fashion makers to craft one piece of each design which is the unique selling point of their product. This feature not only makes their position strong in the market but also satisfies the user that they are the only one using that particular single piece. Due to this reason, the branded handbag designers get a chance to price their bag high which is out of reach of common people.

Every woman desires to own at least one branded handbag but fails to buy because of the high price. Taking advantage of this, many local companies as well as companies from China counterfeit the same designs as well as the logo and sell in cheap to the customers. These companies trap people by showcasing these bags as real brands and some openly say that these are the replica models of the original ones.

Difference between Branded Handbags V/s Handbags Replicas from China

Have you ever wondered before buying a handbag that has the same logo as the branded one? Ever thought why the branded bag has so low cost despite the logo imprinted? Give these questions a thought before buying one.

There are plenty of companies in China who inspire the original designs of handbags from the branded companies to make replicas. They succeed to some extent but here are few ways to differentiate between a branded handbag and a replica.

  • Make a thorough research online of the brand you are planning to buy. Check if any stores are available in your city to investigate the quality of the handbag.
  • Pay keen attention to the fabric, the print, the style, color of the bag.
  • Look for details of the logo on the handbag.
  • Check for wrapping of the bag. If it has been carefully wrapped, chances of it being a replica are many.

These were few tips on how to differentiate between designer and fake handbags.