Diamonds for Sales

Diamond is the hardest metal and it is widely used for making decorative jewelry to enhance the beauty. The word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adamas. From the nineteenth century the popularity of diamonds are increasing rapidly.

  • Various jewelries are now made of diamond after the proper method of properly cutting and polishing.
  • Generally, various shops along with the ornaments of gold and silver also sell diamond jewelry such as:
  • Diamond pendant
  • Diamonds earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Wristlets etc.
Pink diamonds for sale
  • Generally diamonds are white in color but pink diamonds also have a huge demand.
  • Pink diamonds are cultured and synthetic diamonds with the color pink being added after the growth by HPHT.
  • Pink diamonds ere stunning and give an elegant appearance.
  • Many shop also pink diamonds for sale. People even order through online from various shops that keep diamonds for sale.
Rough diamonds for sale
  • Rough diamond is obtainable for every application.
  • The range of the roughness is from 100.00ct+ perfect collection-color mono crystals to small board for grinding wheels.
  • There are several shops also available which also keep rough diamonds for sale at wide range of shapes, sizes, and qualities.
Yellow diamonds for sale
  • Yellow Diamonds are very rare but also there are some shops which also keep yellow diamonds for sale.
  • Yellow color is also enhanced in the Lab during the culture of the original diamonds. Yellow diamonds are used to manufacture fancy ornaments that can be worn with any kinds of attire.
  • These yellow diamonds also come in various shades like light yellow diamonds, dark yellow diamonds, fancy intense yellow diamonds and the ornaments that are made includes:
  • yellow diamonds rings,
  • earrings,
  • necklaces

Yellow diamonds are found in several tones that range from light yellow to vibrant yellow depending on the concentration of nitrogen when the crystal is produced. Yellow diamonds are found in mines all over the world

Apollo diamonds for sale
  • Apollo Diamond is an organization which is established in Boston at Massachusetts that generates approximately unblemished single crystal diamond wafers and crystals for the nanotechnology, optoelectronics, and consumer gem markets.
  • The company is the leader in chemical vapor deposition for the creation of gem-sized synthetic diamond crystals.
  • The company promotes colorless gems, in contrast to obtainable synthetic diamonds which are generally colored. Many stores also keep Apollo diamonds for sale.
Uncut diamonds for sale
  • Uncut diamonds are generally the raw and rough diamonds before any polishing and shaping is done through machines to fit for the ornaments. Some stores also keep these uncut diamonds for sale.
  • It is also found in colors like uncut brown diamonds.
  • Generally, these uncut diamonds are purchased to provide perfect shape and polishing to fit for ornaments like:
  • rings pendants
  • earrings
  • Wristlets.

Even sometimes these diamonds are also used in watches and pens and also in other accessories to give a worth and enhance significant value to these accessories.

Cultured diamonds for sale
  • Synthetic diamond is the other name for cultured diamond which can also be termed as the lab-created, manufactured, "lab-grown" diamond.
  • Cultured diamond is a phrase used to describe diamond which has been created by a technological process unlike natural diamond which is produced by geological methods.
  • The physical properties of the cultured diamonds also changes like it is not so hard as it entirely depends on manufacturing procedure unlike original one.
  • The cultured diamonds are also very economical as it is artificially produced unlike real diamonds. So, it is also found in various stores for sale.
Large diamonds for sale and case studies

Researchers of Washington, D.C. Laboratory of Geophysics of the Carnegie Institution have erudite to generate 10-carat as well as half-inch thick single-crystal diamonds at fast growth rates like hundred micrometers per hour by utilizing a deposition process of chemical vapor. The size of the large diamonds is approximately five times more in comparison to commercially obtainable diamonds manufactured by the high-pressure standard and high-temperature technique in addition to CVD techniques. Along with this team has also manufactured a single-crystal diamonds which is colorless, translucent from the infrared wavelengths to ultraviolet with the CVD method.