Diamond Face Hairstyles

For the diamond face shape, the objective should be to simmer down the wider cheekbones and balance out a slender chin and forehead. To acquire this goal, opt for a style with bangs to reduce the forehead. Longer rug hairstyles will also work as a great diamond face shape hairstyle. Famous celebrities with diamond shaped faces include Dane Cook and Pete Wentz.

Features Of A Diamond Face Hairstyles:

Cheekbones are broader part of the face, forehead and jaw line are thin, and long pointed jaw line.

Consult Your Hairdresser for Diamond Face Hairstyles:

  • Apart from the common face shapes, there are also a couple of such features which are a bit more rare, including pear and triangular.

Diamond Face Hairstyles

You must consult your professional hairstylist who can suggest a style that catapults your best features and balances your face.

  • In addition to diamond face shape, there are certain other factors responsible for balancingfacial features like your height, size and position of the nose and ears, and the width and lengths of your forehead for maintaining a good looking head of hair.

Diamond Face Hairstyles To Try:

  • hairstyles that accentuate width at the chin portion like chin length bob cuts or shoulder long bouncy kicked out looks.
  • Styles that tuck in beneath the ears also go well to flaunt a fabulous cheek bone frame.
  • hairstyles having straight across bangs will also act well to shorten long faces, as will side parts.

Diamond Face Hairstyles To Avoid :

  • Avoid short hairstyles flaunting height on top, specifically ones without bangs.
  • Avoid hairstyles that leave no hair on chin area or the neck portion.
  • Middle partition also accentuates length so they should not be considered for diamond face shape hairstyle.

The Right Diamond Face Short Hairstyles :

  • Another great diamond face shape hairstyle may add bangs which will help to shorten the stretch of your face which is required for diamond faces.
  • The side part enables the face look wider by creating the illusion of longer shape face which attracts the eyes.
  • The sides are wispy and delicate and curve into a round shape. Variations of this hairstyle can do miracles in any other texture.

The Wrong Diamond Face Short Hairstyles:

  • In the category of diamond face shape hairstyle, short hairstyle is not acceptable.
  • The height made on top only focuses on a diamond shape. The short bangs also add to the appearance of height.
  • What is required is width instead of height.

The Right Diamond Face Medium Hairstyles:

  • This is a great cut which adds the grace in all the right places and complements diamondface shapes.
  • The bangs enable the face and chin part appear shorter while the wispy hair on the shoulders gives a squarer shape, width instead of length.
  • This hairstyle will go well with any texture and will look fabulous with layers as they will leave the appearance of the style even softer.

The Wrong Diamond Face Medium Hairstyles:

The wispy long lengths will simply offer your face a longer look, while the absence of any bangs will create a longer shape which is not required.

The Right Diamond Face Long Hairstyle:

  • This is a good look for your diamond face.
  • The bangs shorten the entire length of the face while the soft side layers fall gracefully to the shoulders attracting attention away from long lines.
  • This shape will go equally great on curly and wavy textures and is an awesome diamondface shape hairstyle!

The Wrong Diamond Face Long Hairstyles:

  • Long hairstyle displays how vital face shape selection is in choosing any hairstyle.
  • The middle portion actually makes the face look longer whereas the wispy layers appear to fall nowhere and appear lifeless.
  • hairstyle without bangs makes the face seem longer than it actually is.

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles For Men

Women care a lot their hair! However, men also glance in the mirror from time to time as they try to come to terms with the fact that they care about their hair. Believe it or not, almost every man out there spends ample time on their looks.

It is a fact that the hairstyle you wish to wear is based on the shape of your face. If you are gifted with a diamond face, then you will be having broader cheek bones and an overall length will be short. Guys, you need to find out a style that can give some width to your chin. If you wish to don a medium length hair, then opting for a style that can be tucked behind your ears will be highly recommended. This works great as it will enable you to flaunt the frame of those perfect full cheek bones that you have been gifted with.
hairstyles having bangs which are straight across will also do miracles and can work one of the best diamond face shape hairstyles. This is because bangs are popular to make the looks of long faces shorter along with the side parts.


The first step in choosing any hairstyle would be to understand what shape of face you don. This is a rule that is applicable on the hairstyles of men as well as women. Before you find a great diamond face shape hairstyle, you will have to ensure that you have a diamond shaped face.

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