Designer Purses

A Purse, in American English, refers to a handbag or small bag. It is the desire of every teenager and women to possess a highly attractive handbag that can add to her overall appearance. There is a great saying that the fashion of a girl (or women) is not completed unless it is accompanied by an equally attractive purse. That sums it all, isn't it?

Designer purses:

Nowadays, with people ready to shell money on designer purses, several handbag designers' houses:

  • Christian Dior
  • Gucci, Burberry
  • Diesel, Chloe
  • Celine
  • Calvin Klein
  • Fendi
  • Valentio

Those brands are offering their new products keeping in view the changing preferences of the customers.

These purses are the one of the most sought-after purses in the global fashion industry and enjoy unparalleled quality and customer trust.

Handbags such as : Prada Handbags - Fall-Winter 2007/08 - Glace Zippers and Gucci Handbags Fall - Winter 2007/08 -Indy Large Top Handle are enjoying popularity in the fashion market nowadays.

Coach purses

Coach purses are renowned for their sheer quality and high fashion statement.

Examples: Some of the most famous and latest Coach handbags are as follows:

  • Coach Soho Signature Small Hobo Bag Purse 10073.
  • Coach Handbag 6338 Beige Brown.
  • Coach Signature Stitched Black Hobo Bag Purse 10482.
  • Coach Ergo Black Signature Hobo Shoulder Bag Purse.
  • Coach 2156 Classic Signature Shoulder Tote.
  • Coach Ergo Black Signature Tote Bag Purse 10766.

Teen purses

  • Nowadays, the teen community is quite aware and it is so often seen that they form a major portion of the buyer community in almost every part of the globe. This is the basic reason why nowadays more and more handbags' manufacturers are trying to lure these teenagers by launching specific and teen-oriented purses.
  • These purses are created with an open eye on the changing preferences, global trends and the desire of the teen community to look attractive.

Many big names:

  • Christian Dior
  • Gucci

These brands now strive to make a mark with the teen community.

Knock off purses

  • Knock-off purses are considered to be just the perfect choice by college goers who cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money on designer purses.
  • These purses are created in such a manner that it is almost impossible to spot a difference between them and designer purses.
  • Some of these handbags are often inspired by big purse manufacturers' names like Gucci, Chanel, DKNY and Prada.

Examples: There are various types of knock off purses:

  • wholesale fabric purses
  • wholesale stripe purses
    • Chanel Hollywood NS Hobo in Silver.
    • Chanel Icons Flap Bag.
    • Chanel Ice Cubes Shopper.
    • Chanel Runway Ice Cubes Pouchette.
    • Chanel MELROSE Patent Degrade.
    • Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag.
    • Classic Retro.
    • Leather Handbags.
    • Canister Handbags.
    • Embellish Beaded bags.
    • Mesh Handbags.
    • Evening Handbags.
    • Overstock is considered to be a reliable website for observing reviews on handbags and purses' segment.
    • You can pay a visit to this website and make the necessary judgments on the basis of your preferences, budget and knowledge.
    • Dooney & Burke is a renowned company that specializes in the manufacture of handbags.
    • Many customers have valued its products as quite good.
    • This company has a great market reputation and is a global provider of quality handbags.

These purses effectively meet the wish-list of the college goers.

Chanel purses

Chanel is a respected name in the world of handbags and purses across the globe. With its high quality and wide range, it is an obvious choice with women and college goers.

Examples: Some of the most popular purses in this category are:

One thing that is assured to all the proud owners of Chanel handbags and purses is the sheer quality which it has always maintained. As per a recent market survey, Chanel is among one of the leading manufacturers in the global arena. Its customers always enjoy a resounding style statement.

Wholesale purses

Many companies offer the sale of purses of all types at wholesale prices. These purses are in different varieties:


It is essential that the credentials of any wholesaler must be thoroughly checked before an investment can be made on wholesale purses.