Decorating Walls

There are numerous materials available in the market which, when used, can bring dramatic effect in your walls. It is quite justified if you hang a portrait but that is not all that you can do. There are several other ways to generate a better look. Photos, wall ornaments even area rugs can also bring an astounding effect in the wall if used efficiently.

Decorating walls of your home is one of the most difficult works. But this is the place where you can exhibit your creative abilities.

There are two ways of decorating walls. One is to use the same design throughout and the other way in which you can decorate each room individually as per your choice.

Plan to Start With

Before you start decorating walls, you should plan every aspect of the decoration, right from the carpet to the furniture in that particular room. Further you have to evaluate whether the walls are providing suitable background to suit restof the room or you wish to decorate walls with “works of art”.

Wall Papers

Now you have to decide whether you wish to use wallpaper or paint for decorating the walls.  There are good varieties of wall papers available in the market; so, it is quite apprehensive that you may like some of them. If you are not willing to decorate your room with wall-to-wall wallpapers, other alternatives such as ‘sticks-up’ “wallies” and ‘self adhesive borders’ can also be the options.

If you want that the wall looks quite attractive, you should mount the wall papers carefully to avoid fissure and visible bubbles. If you hire professional wallpaper hangers, it will be too costly. So, if you have ample time and the skill and desire to do it yourself, then you may save a lot of money.

Leverage Paints

Your walls may seem three dimensional if you add “texture” to it. It can be done either by painting with specially made texture paints and by using designed wall papers.You can also create your own texture by using selected materials.

Quilt Covers

If you do not want that the wall should be attached with permanent texture you should choose items which are replaceable, for instance – quilts. They are large enough to cover the wall, so, it is better to have a clear vision regarding the type of decoration or furniture you want to keep in the room to avoid clash with the quilt.

Decorating Walls

If you want to showcase your collection of furniture and other items, you should not allow the wall to dominate the room. It should, therefore, be painted in light dull colors so that the walls do not take away the attractionof the room and the eye only catches the decoration of the walls.

Rooms of Teenagers and Children

Decoration of rooms of children is normally not that tiring. However, it based on the tastes of the children specifically. Some children like the posters of their favorite actor to be on their walls. The posters should not be mounted randomly. It should be hanged on the walls in order to give the children an inspiration to keep the things organized.

It is generally believed that the rooms of kids remain always in a haphazard manner but it is not true always; in a kid’s room if things are placed appropriately, then it is easy for them to keep the room neat and tidy. It means, if small furniture is kept in the kids’ room, then it would be easy for him to keep his belongings in proper places.

Other Ideas for Decorating Walls

For instance, to cover a good space on the wall, people use ‘collages’ which is a unique idea now-a-days. You may choose any variety of imagination right from the beach vacation photographs to paintings of some eminent painter. Collage projects are easy to handle. You may cut the photos and paste them on a poster using adhesives.

Craft Work for Decorating Walls

Here are some tips to elaborate your imagination. Cut photos of your favorite events, paste them on cardboard and get it framed.You can also undertake framing work yourself if you are so enthusiastic about using poster frames which you can procure from craft stores. Though it seems a ‘hard nut to crack’, but by collecting different occasions’ family photographs at one place will give you immense sense of solidarity.You can take the help of your family members also and this will be a good time to introduce your creativity. The wonderful thing of this exercise is that it costs very little.

Wall Hangings

You can install readymade wall hangings for decorating the walls as yet another option. These can be procured from décor stores where they are available in numerous designs and materials.You can install them with very less effort. Besides, being a piece of decoration they can hold candles and other decorative items also. Another option is the use of mirrors which easily suits in mostof the rooms. If you use large mirrors, even the small room seems to appear much bigger. You should have a creative mind specifically when it comes to decorating walls of the room, because your conception of decoration will have tremendous effect on the beauty of your home.