Crystal Jewelry

CRYSTAL - the word evokes beauty, clarity and sparkle. With many colours to choose from, crystal jewellery is certainly irresistible.

The most well known crystals come from the house of Swarovski.

Crystal jewellery has been worn throughout the world through all ages. The belief that crystal beads, pendants and earrings have healing powers has also been prevalent through out history. It is thus fair to say that healing crystals have found a place in almost all societies on earth.

Holistic medicinal practices use crystals to heal. These techniques are based on ancient ideas and methods based on the physical properties associated with crystals and various stones.

Crystal jewellery is believed to speak of order, intelligent design, balance and harmony. Some people wear crystal beads, pendants and earrings to acquire these traits.

Many believe crystal healing is the basis of holistic health leading to the balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. So they carry their crystal or stone with them in a pouch, or keep a piece of quartz or amethyst in their car or office to encourage positive traits.

Some women wear crystals during delivery time to open their mind and body to labour. Crystal points are used in healing traditions such as acupressure wherein pressure points are manipulated with the stone points of the crystal. Crystal jewellery made of fluorite and rose quartz are believed to cure headache and are worn as earrings.

Many people have faith in the link between the shape of the crystals in the jewellery they wear and its healing powers. The properties of healing crystals and healing crystal jewellery are traditionally explained through nature and number. For instance, each quartz crystal has six sides.

Quartz crystal beads are also hexagonal in cross-section and at the molecular level. Quartz crystal pendants give off hexagonal geometrised light energy and quartz has six primary qualities. It is known to structure, amplify energy, store, focus, transmit and transform energy. This energy includes both thoughts and information.

Crystals and their properties:

Citrine is thought to get rid of negative energy, increase the concentration of warm energy and promote optimism. It is also said to attract plenty and to increase the body's healing energy.

Tourmaline is an example of a crystal with differing properties that depend on the colour of the stone. For instance, black tourmaline acts as a shield against negativity and enhances intellectual thought and vitality, both physical and mental. Blue tourmaline, on the other hand, helps increase communication abilities as well as psychic awareness.

Green tourmaline helps increase creativity, prosperity and plenty and adds to the body's ability to cooperate and heal. Rubellite (dark pink) tourmaline increases creativity, love and devotion while pink (light) tourmaline develops love, spirituality, joy, peace and understanding. Lastly, watermelon tourmaline activates the heart chakra.

Sapphire contains great properties that increase feelings of joy, peace, beauty and intuition. Sapphire promotes prosperity and aids in the fulfilment of dreams of the consciousness.

Aquamarine enhances courage and protection besides stimulating intellect and spiritual awareness.