Costume Jewelry

Jewelry enhances the beauty of the human being. Costume jewelry is considered to be the imitation jewelry that ideally suits every one with any kind of attire.

  • It reflects the personality of human being
  • It also expresses the feelings of one’s mood and attitude
  • It also reflect one’s tastes of ornamentation and the type of costumes that should be Worn
  • It also replicates the style and fashion of the particular period
  • The most important element is that it adorns beauty of human being irrespective of Any age
History of costume jewelry

The year 1930 is regarded to be the period when the costume jewelry had its origin. During that time the costume jewelry was the cheapest throwaway jewelry meant to be worn with an explicit outfit, but not meant to be carried down through generations. The costume jewelry were worn just for fashion for a petite period of time and then disposed and again with new apparel another set of fashion jewelry were purchased. Even along with the change of time and fashion costume jewelry were modified. Costume jewelry even had its impact on the kings and queen of olden days who used to wear lots of costume jewelry along with different attires.

Costume jewelry wholesale
  • Presently, costume jewelry is in great demand and also increasing with a high speed.
  • People with each and every dress generally purchase costume jewelry that perfectly matches with the apparel.
  • There are various places where costume jewelry at whole sale prices can be available.
  • So, generally shop keepers or sometimes even common people also purchase at the whole sale prices for their future usage. Wholesale costume jewelry can be obtained at much lower prices than from the shops.
  • People with any kind of dress whether formal or casual, wedding parties generally prefer costume jewelry along with other ornaments as it enhances the beauty and personality.
  • The costume jewelry which is made of with semi-precious gems such as amethyst, coral or pearls, is much more affordable
Halloween costume jewelry
  • Halloween costumes are generally the attires of the spirit.
  • These costumes are designed in such a way that gives the feeling of the spirit or mischievous horror character.
  • Along with Halloween costumes Halloween costumes jewelry is also necessary to make it complete attire.
  • Halloween costumes and the costumes jewelry and accessories are very creative and each dress makes a different innovative theme.
  • The dresses are made according to different age groups and also the costume jewelry are also prepared accordingly like:
  • adult Halloween costumes,
  • kid Halloween costumes,
  • Halloween classic costumes;
  • Pirate kids Halloween costumes,
  • Cartoon Halloween costumes
Rhinestone jewelry
  • Rhinestone jewelry is regarded as the most glittering costume jewelry. Rhinestones were artificially manmade gems from highly refined glass.
  • It is generally made of several metals of various shades of colors and polished by machine.
  • The Rhinestone jewelry had its origin in Czechoslovakian or Bohemian. Austria is also considered as one of the rhinestone production place.
  • Presently, Swarovski rhinestones are the most recognized as the highest quality of costume jewelry in the industry. More than eighty percent of the rhinestone is manufactured in America. Rhinestone jewelry gives an elegant and sophisticated appearance and can be worn with any kind of attires.
Bridal jewelry
  • Generally Brides wear jewelry sets are made in gold and sometimes in pearl or diamond also.
  • But modern day bride prefers to wear contemporary wearable items of gold jewelry and mixed with some costume jewelry to look more beautiful.
Beaded jewelry
  • Sometimes people also prefer to wear beaded jewelry.
  • This beaded jewelry can be handmade also according to one’s own choice or with innovative design.
  • Beaded jewelry can be various items like:
  • Ear-rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bangles
CZ jewelry

Cubic zirconia is also known as CZ jewelry which is the alternative jewelry to diamond and it is affordable for every one as the prices are very reasonable.

Claire's Jewelry
  • Claire's store provides various kinds of exclusive costumes jewelry.
  • Generally, the store is specialized in fashion accessories from where people can select their desired costumes jewelry to impress others in various occasions.
Case studies in Costume jewelry

In the 80's and 90's Hip Hop fashion exposed a latest approach to style and dress. It was the beginning of a revolution in fashion whose influence is still felt today. Various excellent rap artists experimented and discovered a new art form termed as Hip Hop fashion which became an expression of the Hip Hop culture evident in every aspect of dress. It discovered the costume jewelry that best suited the apparels at nay situation.