Corporate Gift Ideas

A corporate event without a corporate gift is too rare at present. These gift mainly aims at making every one related to that company happy which is very much required for company’s smooth going. These gifts should be selected in such away that it won’t make much loss to the company. So go for a gift that is affordable and also excellent. These gifts can be given either by engraving company’s logo or name on it or it can be given without engraving it. Corporate gifts are usually given for particular clients and the company’s employees who are the key parts of every successful company.

Promotional Corporate Gifts

Promotional gifts are the gifts given by corporate companies to their potential clients to make the business happening. Corporate gifts are mainly given mainly with the aim of enhancing and promoting the companies image and services. Some of the most important items suitable to be given as promotional corporate gifts are:

Business Card Holder:

Business card holder will surely be treasured by the client as a useful gift. This card holder will especially be useful if the client deals with many business people as they can arrange all the corporate related business cards in alphabetic order which will serve convenience for future reference.

Writing Pads:

The idea of gifting the client with a writing pad especially with the companies logo engraved on it is a traditional yet excellent idea.

Corporate Decision Maker:

A corporate decision maker is an affordable and useful gift to be given to the client. These decision makers will help the clients in taking decisions or simply they help in guiding the future more easily when in a confused situation.

Cute Toys:

Being gifted by a cute toy makes a client who has a small child at home happy as this can bring a smile on their face. Toys like a cute teddy bear or small foot ball with the companies logo engraved on will make a perfect promotional gift.

Paper Weight:

It is a good idea to gift the client with simple paper weights of heart shape, star shape or round shapes. Choosing right colors like gold or silver will add a royal look to it.

Key Chains:

Special key chains like a leather key chain, key chain with some accessories like small photo frames, light source, small pens etc attached to it will make it unique among other gifts.

Crystal Candy Dishes:

Candy dishes of beautiful shapes and made of crystal will surely be one of the perfect promotional gift to be given to the client

Letter Opener:

Most of us are bad at opening a letter in a proper way, but if we have a cute letter opener with us, we will surely enjoy opening it. Gold, silver or black colored letter openers with the shape of a sharp sword or a star with one long and sharp tail will make a smart corporate gift.

Message Holder:

Message holders are usually kept on the office tables to display a particular message or note to be brought in notice of others. Thus gifting a message holder of unique pattern is a good idea.

Pen Holder:

Pen holder is another excellent desktop gift to be given for the clients.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

The corporations have now made it a practice of giving gift to their employees with the aim of improving performance and boosting up their confidence and staff morale. Some of the most important gifts suitable to be given as the employee appreciation gift are:

Money Clip:

Money clip is surely going to become a perfect employee appreciation gift. Everyone who earns money will be in need of a money clip where they can store the money.

Cuff Links:

Cuff links are simple elegant and a stylish gift suitable to be given as an employee appreciation gift. There are different patterns of cuff links available in the market. The cuff links are the most affordable and best corporate gift.


A leather wallet is obviously a best gift to be given for employees. You can also engrave the name of logo of your company on it.


A pen which has a royal look with company’s logo or name engraves on it is a traditional but still a perfect gift to be given for the employees

Corporate Gifts for Ladies

Compact Mirrors:

Women are often more conscious about her appearance and beauty; so, it is a wise idea to gift a compact mirror with the companies logo engraved on it.


A black or brown colored bag with a professional look or some soft colored bags with a cute look will make up a perfect corporate gift for ladies.

Jewelry Box:

Women will surely like jewelry box as it is quite useful for them. So it is a good idea to gift the ladies with a jewelry box.

Key Chains:

Key chains either of a leather type or with some cute accessories attached to it will be a perfectly good and affordable gift to be given for ladies.

Crystal Flower Vase:

The idea of gifting a crystal flower vase is really excellent. She can use it either at the office or at home for placing fresh flowers in it.