Conception Calendar 2016

Introduction to Conception and Ovulation

Ovulation and conception are closely associated terms, as no women can get pregnant if she does not ovulate. Getting pregnancy may be an easy task for healthy couple with no blockage of fallopian tubes and active sperms. But many couples couldn’t make it that easy as numerous factors contribute to get conceived despite best efforts.
What is conception?

Conception is an onset of a pregnancy in the process of reproduction. According to biology, conception is the union of sperm and egg cells resulting in formation of a Zygote or more precisely a fertilized egg in the uterine wall of embryo referred to as the endometrium. 

The Process of Reproduction

Subsequent to the ejaculation the sperm travels all the way from the cervix to the womb and uterus towards an egg in the female body. The sperm detects the ovum and leads to fertilization. The development of the off spring begins and conception is said to be occurred. Consequently, the two-celled zygote is formed from fertilization that eventually forming an embryo until the eighth month, later Fetus is formed in the eighth month that continues to develop during the months of pregnancy.

Generally, ovulation takes place 12 to 16 days before the menstrual periods where lots of eggs are released in the process and so the chances of pregnancy.  Women usually get pregnant for about 5 days in a month when ovulation occurs.

Conception Calendar

Conception calendar gives you a clear picture about when you actually got conceived based on the date you had a sexual intercourse. For instance, if you have a 28 day menstrual cycle you would most likely get to be get ovulated on day 14. If your menstrual period is a bit lengthy you would probably may get conceived a few days after the estimated due date.

You can even increase your chances of having a baby boy or girl by choosing the right time of intercourse.  Having intercourse few days prior to ovulation have the chances of conceiving a girl and closer to the ovulation have chances of conceiving a boy. Thus, the conception calendar is an effective aid for any woman who either desires or wishes to prevent a pregnancy.

Chinese Conception Calendar

This calendar has a historical significance which was originally found during 13th century and presently kept at Beijing Institute of Science in China.
 According to Chinese conception calendar, by calculating the lunar age of an individual and the month of conception the possibility of predicting a baby boy or girl could be determined.