Comparison Shopping

Shopping is a word that would get all women’s adrenalin rushing. This is something which every woman across the world enjoys doing while all the men dread it.

Comparison shopping is when you do a survey of different shops or stores to buy a particular thing, especially if it is expensive. Comparison shopping is the art which an experienced shopper is adept at. Though it consumes more time and effort, comparison shopping would prove to be beneficial because you will get good quality at cheaper prices.

Tips for Comparison Shopping:

a) Shopping for consumer durables:

If you want to buy expensive consumer durable goods like air-conditioner, make sure that you visit all the websites of the companies which produce air-conditioners so that you are aware of the different models, facilities provided by them and the prices. After you have done your homework, head to the nearest store of these companies.

It is advisable to go to exclusive showrooms of these companies as other retail outlets would add their commission to the maximum retail price, making it a bit expensive. Also in case of any problem with the product, it will be easier for you to get the product repaired or exchanged. Take brochures from all the companies as it will help you in decision-making. After you have done a recee, make your decision based on the features, budgetand your requirements.

b) Shopping for clothes:

While you are shopping for clothes, make sure that you compare quality and the prices of clothes available at different stores. Generally, it is thought that the expensive thing would be if good quality. It could be true if you are going in for designer clothes which are unique and one of its kind.

But in most cases, it is a myth as most of the times, things available at big retail outlets have to incorporate a part of the cost of the employees’ salaries, taxes, power bill and so on. Also, some outlets add their commission to the price of the product.

If you are buying fabrics for sofa or curtains, it is advisable that you ask the shop keeper for a piece of the fabric. This will not only help you to decide whether it will look good in your living room or bedroom but also help you to compare when you check out other stores for the fabric.

You should always go out for comparison shopping when you have enough time on hand since it is time consuming. You would not be able to look at more stores if you have less time and may have to repent later.

Comparison shopping will not only save your money but it will also give you satisfaction of buying a product of good quality at cheaper rates