Cocktail Party

What is a Cocktail Party?

Cocktail parties have been a famous social get together since years. Usually a cocktail party is lasts for 2-3 hours during which guests snack on a simple stretch of food and enjoy cool and delicate cocktails while chatting with each other.

Cocktail Party Invitations

If you are planning to conduct such an enthralling party, then you need to add the surprise element right from the beginning i.e. invitations.
Cocktail invitations should be done with at least two to three weeks beforehand the exact date of the cocktail party. Cocktail invitations can be sent via a telephone, email but a formal cocktail party needs formal invitation in the shape of an invitation card. The invitation cards should be catchy and inviting. Glitters can play a big role towards perfection. An invitation card for the cocktail might have designs of wine glasses or people toasting wine glasses.
A well tailored cocktail card should clearly indicate the date, and time and the venue of the party. You can also write your name, address and contact information to be in touch with the guests. A great invitation card should also specify the kind of attire to be worn.

Cocktail Party Food

Here are some elementary guidelines for generating your cocktail party menu:

  • Try the variety in your menu including meat selections, sea food, canapes, finger food, hot and cold delicacies.
  • Albeit sweets are not usually considered cocktail party food, it will be an experiment to offer one or two sweet nibbles to enjoy the change at the end of the party.
  • So long estimation of quantity of food is concerned, plan on serving 6 bites per person, every hour for a two hour party, when no dinner are to be served.
  • It is always advisable to overestimate than underestimate the quantity of food you consume.

Cocktail Party Menu

Cocktail party recipe can be an important part of this event.

  • Bruschetta.
  • Four Cheese Pate Recipe
  • Salmon Tarts
  • Beef Satay
  • Forgotten Cookies
  • Paige's Hot Peppered Candy Walnuts
  • Tapenade Cracker Bites
  • Szechwan Cold Garlic Shrimp
  • Mocha Shortbread

The Drinks

  1. Full Bar- Opting this means giving the guests the option to select their favorite drink.
  2. Drink Menu- This is good choice as it encourages people to come out of their drinking routine. You can save money also as a fully stocked bar is not needed. Generate a list of the drinks and set it on the bar for guests to decide.
  3. A pink drink which get popularized on the HBO episode Sex and the City.
  4. Dirty Martini - With the addition of olive juice, this drink carries a salty bite to it.
  5. Chocolate Martini - This drink is specially prepared for those with a sweet tooth.
  6. Apple Martini – This is also a great drink suiting the occasion.

Cocktail Party Decorations

  • You can either select simple decorations or generate an elaborate ambience. Organize the decorations to compliment the room setting and aid the flow of the room will enable guests feel free to move about easily.
  • Visit the location fixed for the cocktail party to realize whether decorations would be appropriate.
  • Arrange decorations for the various food sections and the bar counter.
  • If you wish to opt for a mixture of standing and seating arrangements, mix up the decorations so that they do not look similar.
  • Arrange the decorations to match the room layout. Huge decorations viz. backdrop or topiary for pictures can be off to the side of the venue, enabling guest to move about comfortably.
  • Consider making the food and drink aspect as part of your decorations. Embellish catchy and decorated fruit baskets trays with floral arrangements. Set them onto themed platters to sizzle the atmosphere. Incorporate miniature umbrellas for bar drinks or outdoor cocktail party while speared olives may be considered as decoration for a magnificent martini party.

Cocktail Party Attire

  • Select a cocktail party dress that should metamorphose you from a business executive to a smart party individual. These days, there are myriads of choices of dresses to select from. Depending on the kind of party you are having you can choose your attire.
  • The least formal attire is the cocktail buffet, which is normally a casual attire sit-down buffet. Cocktail parties usually sometimes feature appetizers, while guests remain standing. Cocktail receptions require very formal dress code, and often enable guests to sit and stand at ease.
  • Go for a   dress that lengths from mini to above the ankles.  
  • Fall and winter warrants for wool blends and wool. Summer and spring season will go well with silk, rayon, fine-gauge knits. These materials can be matched with handbags, jewelry, hairstyles, and wraps.
  • Attend an after-work get together in a professional suit. Pumps and stocking s paired with a black wool dress will make a perfect match for fall or winter. Pair a spaghetti-strap dress of strapless with an embroidered cardigan and sling back pumps or strappy sandals to enjoy the party in spring or summer time.
  • Head to attend a more casual after-work gathering in casual attire. You can match a wool skirt with a leather flats and fitted turtleneck for a winter parties. For a summer choose a finely knitted twin set, satin pants and mules with low-heeled mules.
  • Go for a printed A-line sundress on a weekend cocktail party. A party scheduled for a weekend evening encourages a more flirty or elegant outfit. Match a colorful satin or silk empire-waist attire with a silk or velvet shoulder wrap.

Cocktail Party Music

Music adds life and pace to a party. When it comes to highly-animated event like a cocktail party, music becomes even more imperative. In fact, it shoots the mood of the people to sip mesmerizing glasses of cocktail. In order to have a thrilling quality time at the party, play some foot-tapping music, so that your guests get themselves entertainment properly.


Parties are not the venue for intense conversations. Avoid talking anything that carries lot of weight, like education, marriages or religion. Do not involve in gossiping because chances are it will be overheard. Keep eye contact and let your body language be transparent and free with other guests.

Behave with Respect

Avoid drinking too much albeit the wine is flowing, or you may get drunk. If a request must be made of the staff, do it gently and carefully. Don’t forget to thank your host and hostess before leaving and bid farewell to other guests. It is also appreciable to return the favor of an invitation if you get a chance