Clothing Stores

Most people frequent clothing stores the most for buying clothes for self, spouse or children. Clothing stores are of two types: Retail stores and family clothes stores.

Retail stores: basically cater to a particular section of the society like children, ladies or gents. If it is a children’s clothes outlet, the store will house clothes for new born, infants, toddlers and teenagers ranging from casual wear to formal or party wear.

Likewise, a showroom entirely dedicated to women would have clothes from traditional wear to party wear and even night wear. Some showrooms may even have a good collection of lingerie and accessories like belts, purses, footwear and hair accessories. A men’s showroom may have a wide range of casual, formal and traditional clothes like shirts, T-shirts, jeans, pants, suits and even ethnic wear. You are also likely to find a wide variety of belts, wallets and footwear in such stores.

Some of these stores are also franchise of a well-known brand targeting one section.

Family clothing Stores: These stores cater to clothing needs of the whole family under the same roof. Such stores are these days gaining prominence as you don’t have to visit different shops for buying clothes for yourself, spouse and children. In most cases, a different floor in the shop is dedicated to one section. If ground floor is dedicated to children’s clothes, first floor will be for women and second floor for men. This makes shopping for the whole family easier and convenient.

You will get a great variety of casual, formal and party or ethnic wear for children, ladies and gents. These stores also house undergarments, night wear and other accessories like belts, purses and wallets and even footwear.

Whether you buy clothes at retail stores or at family clothing stores, these are some of the tips that you should always keep in mind:

a) It is advisable that you compare different clothing stores so that you get good quality at affordable prices. It is quite possible that the lovely dress you are buying from one store is available at another store at a cheaper rate. Also it is a myth that an expensive item at an up-market store would have a good quality as most of such stores add a part of employees’ salaries, taxes, electricity in the maximum retail price.

b) It is also advisable to ask the store’s return and refund policy beforehand so that if you detect some minor defects in the clothes, you can return them or exchange them. Also ask them about the time till they return or exchange the purchased clothes.