Christmas Wreaths History and Making of Artificial Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths History and Making of Artificial Wreaths

Christmas mainly dwells on beauty, love, harmony and peace. Christmas wreaths are beautifuldecorative and add a touch of tradition to the home. They are an epitome of God's eternity and compassion. In olden times, people used to decorate Christmas wreaths with evergreen leaves and branches. These days the wreaths are found in different types and materials. People can find fresh ones, made of twisted grapevines or can go for artificial Christmas wreaths that are easily available everywhere.

Making Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths make the decoration unique. People prefer handmade wreaths as they add special touch to the celebration décor. The simple steps to make a Christmas wreath are:

  • Fresh green twigs, small flowers, ribbons, wire coat hangers, transparent tape, any thin or floral wire, and other decorating items are required to make a beautiful Christmas wreath.
  • Construct a base using wire coat hangers and bend the wire to form a circle.
  • Set small and even clump of these branches around the thin wire base.
  • Add the branches until the base is covered completely by using the tape strategically.
  • Place small flowers at even distances and tie them with wire.
  • Let the wreath settle down little bit and then make the rest decorations.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Artificial wreaths are all time favorites, may it be Christmas or any other season. People hang them on doors, in windows looking outwards, or on walls to create the special touch like traditional wall hangings. They and are available in countless colors, styles and sizes as:

  • Thanksgiving Christmas Wreaths
  • Bountiful Harvest Wreaths
  • Christmas Magic Wreaths
  • Small Artificial Christmas Wreaths
  • Large Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Lighted Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths add more light and spark to the festival celebrations. They look stunning with different colored lights that wrap around the wreath. They make the celebration unique as:

  • Lighted Pikes Peak Pine Christmas Wreath
  • Precious Moment Nativity Wreath
  • Lighted Nativity Scene Wreath
  • Lighted Wreath With Polar Bears
  • Pre-lit Wreath

Live Christmas Wreaths

With live Christmas wreaths, the season seems more cheerful. People consider them as the perfect accessories to decorate their homes. They are great for doors as well as for centerpieces. They have to be taken proper care with pruning and watering. One should go for seasonal flowers, if the main thought is for live Christmas wreaths.

Prelit Christmas Wreaths

Christmas looks great with pre-lit wreaths. They make an essential part of the      festive décor, adding the holiday mood and seasonal atmosphere to the home. They can be found as:

  • Cordless LED Pre-lit Wreath
  • Douglas Fur Pre-lit Artificial Wreath Multi Colored Lights
  • Pre-lit Sierra Wreaths
  • Classic Pre-lit Wreath
  • Pre-lit Balsam Fir Wreath

Cornflake Christmas Wreaths

Cornflake Christmas wreaths are fun to make and eat. They make a great idea to decorate the halls with crunchy cornflake wreaths. These crunchy Christmas wreaths are a great fun for children. It's impossible to resist their temptation, the more you try, the more you crave for.

History of Christmas Wreaths

Christmas is the time of grand celebration everywhere. Since ancient times, wreaths have been made in different ways with various materials, evergreens, herbs, dried flowers, fruits, berries, and so on. Not only they add charm to the festival fervor but bear a spiritual significance in the Christian tradition. People used to decorate their houses with Christmas wreaths for different reasons. For some they symbolized the strength of life or a sign of victory, and yet others have deeper meanings.

Homemade Christmas Wreaths

Hanging a Christmas wreath on the front door or on the wall behind has been in practice till date. Since most of the people buy the same pre-decorated Christmas wreaths from the market, one can make use of homemade Christmas wreaths to have a unique touch in the festival. They can be made as:

  • Floral Christmas Wreaths
  • Holly Wreaths
  • Snow Wreaths
  • Candy Wreaths

Case Study

 Christmas wreath announces the lively celebration of the v. Though mode of decoration varies but the zeal to celebrate the festival remains the same. Christmas wreaths symbolize love and create a special family moment during the festival. They make a vital part of the celebration.

For Example: It was a custom with ancient Romans to use decorative wreaths as a sign of victory. Then later in the 16th century, Catholics and Protestants throughout Germany used these wreaths as a symbol to celebrate their Advent Hope in Christ which is considered as the eternal light.