Best Christmas Wine Stoppers & Baskets

Best Christmas Wine Stoppers & Baskets

Wines for Christmas

Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, symbolizes feasts, revelry and exchange of gifts. Christmas is a time when wine aficionados love to take out their finest wines and marvelous collection of wine stoppers, wine charms and wine glasses for serving their guests.

Christmas Wine Stoppers

Even if you are serving the best wines in the world to your guests, Christmas wine stoppers, which are available in many varieties, would add color to the celebrations. Many wine stoppers are available in the market on the theme of Christmas, depicting various legends and characters associated with it.

Wine stopper featuring a gold reindeer and brown antlers along with green Christmas tree could be a good way to add Christmas touch to even your wines. It could even be a perfect gift for Wine connoisseurs during Christmas. Or else you can choose a bottle stopper with snowflakes designed on it. Then there are bottle stoppers featuring Santa Claus and reindeer with comic features.

If you want to give a personalized Christmas wine stopper as a gift to a friend or relative who is a great wine lover, you can give him a stopper in stainless steel with your engraved personalized message for the festival or his initials. You can also buy stainless steel stopper which easily snaps on with the push of a button and pops off wine or champagne and personalize it with his initials. It also prevents any leakage or spillover.

The sleek design of silver monogram bottle stopper with the single initial too could be a good option. Wine bottle stoppers, made of hand blown glass, are available in a variety of designs and colors. Crystal bottle stoppers, which spell class and sophistication, come in different shapes and designs, giving a festive touch to your favorite wine bottle.

Christmas Wine Charms

If you are afraid of losing your glass in the party, just tag stem of your wine glass with wine charms and forget your worries of losing it. Wine charms, which could be used for beer mugs or other glasses too, could be a perfect gift for dinners, get-togethers and Christmas parties.

Christmas wine charms are available in different designs, sizes and colors. Wine charms with the figurines of angels, Santa Claus, reindeers, antlers, elves and the three wise men are quite popular during Christmas season. Depicting Santa's sleigh, stockings and candle in holly, handcrafted wine charms decorated with Swarovski crystals, which are available in gold and silver, are the must-buy for the elite class.

Colorful glass beaded wine charms, disco ball wine charms, glass fruit wine charms and snowmen wine charms are the other favorites among people for the Christmas season.

Christmas Wine Gift Baskets

If you are wondering what to gift to your wine-lover clients, you can choose from a variety of wine gift baskets that have flooded the markets. A bottle of Champagne kept in an engraved gift box could make quite an impression on your client.

A gift basket containing Summerfield Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Chateau Ste. Michelle Sauvignon Blanc and Chateau Ste. Jean Sonoma Merlot along with Chocolate, cheese spread, Cookies, Pistachios, Caviar, Truffles, and candies could be a perfect gift for your high-end clientele. Another perfect gift for your high-flying client could be an elegant Wine Tote made of leather featuring three bottles of wine along with a stainless steel corkscrew, corkscrew pocket, and removable shoulder strap.

For those of you who have globe-trotters as their client, Around the World Wine Chest, comprising three best wines from around the world, could be a great option. Along with the bottles of wine, you have twelve different varieties of coffees, Belgian Truffles, cookies, Chocolate, Coconut Macaroons, Rum Cake, Dark Chocolate Coffee Wedges, cheese spread and many more.

Holiday Wine Duet, comprising one bottle each of red wine and white wine, in an exclusive gift box along with pistachio and pretzels would make the recipient remember your gift for years to come. Grand Estates Holiday Wine Duet, including Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot and Chardonnay along with Smoked Salmon, cheese spread, Toffee Peanuts and Caramels, packed in an impressive gift box could be another interesting gift idea.

Holiday wine classics featuring three award winning wines, caviar, salmon, cheese spread, Chocolate's truffles, cookies, almonds, and Cranberry Twist could be another option.

Christmas Wine Labels

Wine labels are increasingly getting popular as an interesting gift idea on Christmas. Put a personalized Wine label on the bottle of your wine-buff client's favorite wine and he is sure to never forget you and your gift for years to come. It could be a good gift option for wine label collectors too!

Many corporate houses, wineries and restaurants create their own wine bottle labels either to give as gifts to their regular clientele or for everyday use.

There are many websites which specializes in personalizing wine labels. All you have to do is log on to their site, select a design of your choice, give them your personalized message and your personalized wine label will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Hand-painted Christmas wine glasses would add glitter and glamour to your festivities with their unique designs. While some of them may depict verses from famous Christmas carols, others may display the pictures of Santa Claus, Christmas ornaments, snowmen, Christmas wreath etc.