History of Christmas Tree Farms & Decorations

History of Christmas Tree Farms & Decorations

Christmas tree has become a synonym to the Christmas festive season. One of the most popular rituals associated with the Christmas celebrations. As soon as the festive season arrives people start shopping for Christmas trees as well with the other things. Christmas comes and you can see decorated well lit up Christmas trees all around.

History of the Christmas Tree

There are many stories associated with the origin or the history of the Christmas tree. It is believed that during 7th century a monk went to Germany from Devonshire to preach. The tale goes like that he took the Fir Tree, which was triangular in shape to depict the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The people there started to worship the Fir tree as God's Tree.

The history of decorated Christmas tree can be found during the ancient Romans who used to decorate Christmas tree with several metal pieces for their Saturnalia festival during chilly winter. Riga, Latvia witnessed the first decorated tree in 1510.

Alsace in Germany was a place where Xmas tree were sold in 1531. Usually, local markets used to become the selling junction for these trees and then people used to keep those trees in their houses, without any decoration.

Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas Tree

There are various Christmas tree farms available in most of the countries where these natural Christmas tree are grown.The best type is fir. This type is highly advantageous as their needles do not get shedded so easily when they gets drier. Their foliage color and scent is remarkable. In the ancient times, Christmas tree were harvested from wild forests often, but now almost all are commercially grown in the tree farms. In some traditions e.g. in Europe, natural Christmas tree are preferred.

Christmas Tree Shop

Unlike any florist shop or Ikebana, during Christmas season X mas trees are found everywhere in the market with variety of sizes and decorations. Decorated Christmas trees always takes the attention of all age. Beautifying Xmas trees with stars, colorful balls, and candies included among the other delight of this festive season.

Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree

There are two kinds of trees used in the Christmas season, the natural Christmas tree ones and the artificial Christmas tree ones. In the ancient times people used to only decorate the original natural Christmas tree. But nowadays there are a variety of artificial Christmas tree available in the market.

Artificial Christmas tree provided to be a boon especially for the environment, as thousands of Christmas trees were saved from being hacked.

Artificial Christmas tree are getting increasingly popular day by day, as artificial Christmas tree are considered to be more convenient with a lesser burden on the pockets. These artificial Christmas tree have number of colors and types and some even come decked up with decorations.

Biggest advantage of buying an artificial Christmas tree is as soon as the festive season ends these can be disassembled and stored compactly, and can be used this way for several years

So, its more of a one time investment unlike for the natural Christmas trees.

White Artificial Christmas Tree

These are very new and popular variety of Artificial Christmas tree. Darker colored ornaments and other decorative items are provided by its backdrops. The white background allocates a starry, splendid shine to the ornament display. These White Christmas tree since last 2-3 years have developed a significant market for itself.. One can find these in numerous varieties, and sizes.

So, you call it an Xmas tree or a Christmas tree, this remains the inseparable part of the Christmas festive season.