Types of Christmas Tree Decorations & Themes

Types of Christmas Tree Decorations & Themes

Christmas tree decoration is an art in itself. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees shows dedication and faithfulness towards God. This gala festival involves extensive merriment that includes decorating, dancing, celebrating, and playing. Christmas is emblematic of fun and frolic. There are numerous ways to decorate Christmas trees with different varieties of Christmas ornaments like toys, candies, trinkets, nosegays, garlands, ribbons, and light strands.

They add a magical touch to the celebration. The selection of theme makes the decoration more meaningful. Christmas trees, lights and other bright objects form an important part of decoration. Since ancient times decorated Christmas trees are associated with Christmas celebration. Christmas is a perfect time for things anew. Add flair to the festive celebrations with Christmas trees. The trees that fall under the category of Christmas trees are:

Christmas Tree Categories / Types

  • Natural Trees: They include trees like Silver Fir, Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, and Scots Pine and so on.
  • Artificial Trees: They have become more popular as they are less expensive than the real ones. They are available in different colors and sizes.
  • Feather Trees: They prevent deforestation and display small ornaments well.
  • Modern Trees: These trees look more realistic as they closely imitate nature.
  • Designer Trees: They can be made of cardboard, glass, plastic or ornaments and are used as tabletop decorations.
  • Single-colored tree: Against the green needles, single-colored tree provides a sharp contrast
  • Two-toned theme: It allows a predominant color with a complementary second color.
  • Multi-colored tree: It has everything in it.

Preservation of Christmas Trees

Innovative Christmas tree decorating idea is a mixture of modernity and elegance. Following are the tips to lend a special touch to your Christmas tree:

  • Refill the tree stand frequently with lukewarm water so that the real tree should remain fresh for longer period of time.
  • Spray wilt resistant on the needles, keeping them fresh for long.
  • Decorate them with lights, garlands, ribbons, nosegays, candies, fruits, and other ornaments.
  • To ensure safety set up the lights from inmost branches to outside and from top to bottom.
  • Provide a finishing touch to the tree by placing garlands and ribbons for a fetching appeal.
  • Include special ornaments like bird nests, painted fruits, music notes, toy alphabets, costume jewelry pieces, candies, cookies, trinkets, berries, glittery boughs, and pinecones for an impressive appeal.
  • Embellish the tips of boughs and inside branches with special ornaments to intensify Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas Tree Trim

Real Christmas trim for the mantle, centerpieces or tables makes the decoration unique for Christmas celebration. Few hints to use tree trim include:

  • Adorn the mantel with tree trim by putting poinsettia flowers, pinecones, and pomegranates within it.
  • Lay trim on balconies and banisters with pomegranates as an embellishment.
  • String the trim with cranberry beads.
  • In the middle of the trim tie cinnamon sticks with ribbons.
  • Put the trim in a beautiful glass bowl, adding pinecones, small pomegranates, apples, and other ornaments as a centerpiece table decoration.

Christmas Themes

There are innumerous options of themes open for Christmas trees such as Victorian, rustic, sports, tropical, winter wonderland and lots more. A theme is well depicted by the use of ornaments as they play an important role in decoration. Next make sure that the selected Christmas tree decoration should compliment with other decorations in the room. Christmas designs reflect the personality and preferences of the families, decorating their Christmas trees in unusual style. Here are some suggestions for an effective Christmas theme:

  • Fasten a light socket near the tree's top and hang Christmas lights upside down from the e tree.
  • Tie the strand of lights around the tree in downward spirals and tuck the cord in the branches.
  • Creating a circle, set up the strings of bells, popcorn, garlands, chains, and cranberries around the tree.
  • Hang ornaments on individual branches of the tree, covering natural holes between the boughs, and place them evenly across the tree.
  • Beautify the Christmas tree using a tree topper.
  • Wrap a garland around the tree stand.

Case Study

Christmas tree decoration constitutes the core of festivity. Earlier the trees were decorated with nuts, candies, fruits, and colored paper pieces. Today, people use strings of lights dispersed over the branches of the tree. It symbolizes family's union and love.

For Example: In 16th century Germans brought home decorated trees and started the tradition of decorating Christmas trees. Gradually, it became popular in other parts of Europe. In 1841 Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert decorated the first English Christmas tree at Windsor with candles, different sweets, fruits, and gingerbread.