Christmas Table Settings

Christmas Table Settings

Christmas is treated as the time period when Christians rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ. The word "Christmas" is derived from the early English phrase, "Christes Masse" meaning the Mass of Christ. But the real date of birth of Jesus Christ still remains a mystery. But generally people celebrate 25th December as the birth day of Jesus Christ.

But still there were various contending groups existing of early Christian believers who believed that Jesus' birth and his superiority into divinity may have been on two different events. But until fourth century BC the followers of Christ did not celebrate the birth day of Jesus due to the fear of King Pharaoh.

Ultimately December 25th was selected as the birth day of Jesus Christ when St. Cyril of Jerusalem requested to Pope Julius I to resolve the matter unquestionably. Thus from that date the birth day of Christ was celebrated which coincided previously existing pagan holidays as this also helped to convert the pagan to Christianity.

Decoration of Christmas Table Setting

The decoration for the Christmas starts from one week before the occasion arrives. People start marketing to decorate the house. On the particular day of 25th December generally people spends hours in preparing idea, delicious and good Christmas dinner.

But it would be a disgraceful act if the table is not decorated with new utensils or dinner sets unlike every day. So a new decorative table should be created and decorated and should be made absolutely ready for Christmas dinner. Christmas table should be decorated in various procedures:

  • The Christmas table should be decorated with various themes and styles as there are various ideas and themes an incorporated.
  • The table may be sufficed with decorations like Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, holly and mistletoe and much more.
  • For a graceful stare all the dinnerware and table pieces like place mats, plates, cutlery,
  • glasses, napkins, table cloths and napkin rings should be coordinated.
  • Decorative linens can be purchased including dinner appliances to generate a special impact on the Christmas dinner table.

Special Arrangements For Christmas

Christmas can be made special through various processes and amongst all those procedures decorating and preparing good Christmas table deserves to be mentioned.

  • Christmas is really special occasion for all the Christians and also for other categories of people.
  • In this occasion, people generally invite friends and relatives to join the Christmas party and enjoy dinner at the created and decorated table.
  • Apart from dinner event joyful Christmas disposable napkins can prepare a simple evening meal pleasurable for the kids.
  • Sometimes people also visit to town with decorations for a formal Christmas meal.
  • Amongst various other decorations stunning bowl or vase of flowers in holiday colors, or miniature conifer, a potted poinsettia or can also enhance a joyful touch.
  • Christmas wreaths along with Christmas candles can also be used in the dinner table for decoration purpose only giving a unique look.

Christmas Candles on Table

The beautiful collection of colorful pastoral candles inside a simple fresh foliage wreath magnetizes people. The candles should be lighted at much above distance to produce a good effect and can make the dinner more delicious. Easy and outstanding Christmas place setting relies on a white table cloth and plates, silver cutlery and accessories, and a dark green contrasting napkin to create a good quality effect.

Case Studies

There are various themes available in the market that produces variety themes in decorating the Christmas table. Victorian table can be set with flowers and pine cones, centerpiece of greens, with brass candelabras to balance the ends.

Inside Southern Mansion at Kitty Bartholomew the Victorian style can be found which creates a decorating a buffet table and a dining table with a impressive method to astonish dinner guests so that a festive mood for feasting is produced.

Guest Randy Segal exhibits the procedure to make a pummel table and sit-down dining table for 12 glistens for Christmas dinner. The key feature is the silver along with some other inspirational decorating accessories that produce holiday amusing Victorian twist.