How to Make & What is Christmas Stocking Kits

How to Make & What is Christmas Stocking Kits

Christmas is a season of hope and happiness, dreams and desires. Since ancient times, hanging a Christmas stocking above the fireplace mantle has been in practice. It's hard to pin down exactly how the tradition started, but is enjoyed all over with the common theme: the element of fanciful surprises during the festive season.

Nowadays, in houses without a fireplace, the Christmas stockings are placed anywhere near the Christmas tree. They are made of cotton, wool, and silk and are available in various different colors, styles, shapes and sizes.

Christmas Stocking Kits

The Christmas stockings are symbolic of sweet surprises and happy moments. Christmas Stockings are keepsakes cherished forever, revealing the magic of Christmas. People still carry out this custom of decorating their homes by hanging them and passing down the same from generation to generation.

The basic Christmas stocking types are;

  • Felt Stocking Kits: An impressive work of sequins and beads that hold the felt pieces in place adding beauty to the stockings. They are further categorized as;
  • Pre-stamped: The design is already stamped onto the felt and all one needs, cut it out.
  • Pattern: Attach the pattern to the felt and then cut around it.
  • Stitchery Stocking Kits: They are;
  • Counted Cross Stitch: The craft, usually stitched on countable even weave fabric.
  • Stamped Cross Stitch: As the design is already stamped on cloth, the requirement is to cross stitch on the stamped design.
  • Crewel: An ancient kit done upon a stamped pattern with floss and yarn.
  • Needlepoint: It is carried out on a colored mesh cotton canvas with floss or yarn.

Christmas Stockings Sale

Christmas Stockings Sale are the perfect decorative accents for the homes. Today, only few people use a genuine Christmas stocking, at large they prefer to buy a decorative Christmas stocking or make their own as a craft project. They offer wide range of Christmas decoratives and novelties with huge discounts to people.

Christmas Stockings Patterns

Christmas celebration fosters old traditions and makes the season more significant. Christmas stockings add fun to the home décor. People follow numerous Christmas stocking patterns in different crafts.

  • Knitting: A creative craft, making all sorts of useful and beautiful things with a couple of needles and yarn.
  • Crochet: A modern craft, done on a piece of fabric with the use of a hook.
  • Cross Stitch: Cross stitch has evolved from older needlework and embroidery styles and uses fabric with holes in it by highlighting the design on a part of fabric.
  • Sewing: Sewing emerged when cotton, wool and other fibers began to be spun into thread and cotton.
  • Needlepoint: Needlepoint classic craft is used to make beautiful artistic works from fabric and thread.

Christmas Stockings Needlepoint

Needle craft can be connected with cross stitch or embroidery. Christmas stockings in needlepoint have become a treasured family heirloom for the children. They add a traditional touch to any décor. Christmas Stockings Needlepoint canvas is a special fabric on which the patterns, using threaded needle with wool or any other fiber are stitched on the canvas. Christmas Stockings Needlepoint are exquisitely stitched in the festival color designs.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

People look up to personalized Christmas stockings as they make the celebration more unique and memorable. personalized Christmas stockings are available in various hues and shades and are valued forever. personalized Christmas stockings are handcrafted with different themes or names monogrammed on them. personalized Christmas stockings has become a very popular project idea as it comes in beautiful patterns.

Knit Christmas Stockings

Bright and colorful knitted Christmas stockings display creativity and varied patterns for favorite festival. The knitted Christmas stockings add an old world charm the holidays. People enjoy creating hand knit, wool wearables and gifts for their families and friends on the eve of Christmas.

Dog Christmas Stockings

In remembrance of their four-legged, furry members of the family, people make and buy dog Christmas stockings for them too. Peoples make favorite toys and treats for pets exhibiting with different patterns and colors.

How to Make Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are fun to make. The required things are:

  • Cording Or Ribbons
  • Dressmaker Pins
  • Dressmaker Shears
  • Fabric Cutting Boards
  • Ironic Boards
  • Irons
  • Old Or Purchased Christmas Stockings
  • Fabrics
  • Threads
  • Newspaper
  • Kraft Papers
  • Pencils Or Pens
  • Yardstick Or Rulers

Follow the Simple Instructions and Make Christmas Eve Special Indeed

  • Make the pattern from a stocking: 18 inches to 20 inches long. For a smaller stocking less fabric is needed and for larger size, purchase a larger quantity of stocking fabric.
  • Draw the stocking pattern onto the newspaper or craft paper. The length should be 18 to 20 inches and the width should be 12 to 14 inches.
  • Make it elegant by using cotton velveteen stocking fabric and a quilted satin fabric for cuff.
  • Some edging or trimming should be sewed to the edges before sewing them on.

Christmas Stockings Case Study:

The main aspect of Christmas Stockings remains the same throughout the world though the mode though mode of celebration varies. People make numerous decorations to make the festival special, where the stockings play the significant part. Christmas stockings make great gifts and are treasured forever.

For Example to Christmas Stockings:

The tradition of hanging christmas stockings over the fireplace started in North America, near the end of 19th century. Thomas Nast, an illustrator, who was known for his political cartoons, initially portrayed jolly, plump, red-nosed St. Nick placing goodies into stockings warmed over the fire. Since then placing stockings over the fireplace has become a heartwarming tradition.