Types of Christmas Poem and Usage

Types of Christmas Poem and Usage

Christmas is a festival which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas poems form one of the integral part of the christmas festivals. Christmas poems, which have been written by many famous and not so famous poets throughout the world, not only relate to people the fables around the christmas festival but also instill a sense of hope and belief in God and oneself. Besides, these Christmas poems promote love, togetherness and tolerance towards one another.

While some Christmas poems are traditional and date back to 14th century, some are modern and contemporary to suit tastes of today's generation. Some of the christmas poems are very religious in nature while others convey the message behind the festival through a funny christmas story.

Short Christmas Poems

Since these christmas poems are short, it is easier for the readers to remember the message of love, tolerance, peace and hope conveyed through it with the help of fables and legends around Christmas. Short Christmas poems have a different style, content and language. While some may be religious, others may be hilarious.

Funny Christmas Poems

These funny christmas poems convey the message of love, peace and brotherhood through funny christmas stories or anecdotes. These funny christmas poems may not hit you hard but they do subtly convey the message and sentiments behind Christmas celebrations.

A puppy's Christmas is one of the examples of funny Christmas poems.

In this funny christmas poem, some puppies create a ruckus by messing with the decorations and when their owner takes them to task, they lick him to show their love to him. After some time, they again start playing with the decorations. Through the funny christmas poems, the poet emphasizes the importance of love and happiness in one's life.

Religious Christmas Poems

These religious christmas poems delve into the birth of Jesus Christ, the festival of Christmas and its significance. And the fables of legend associated with the festival. Some of these religious christmas poems are so beautiful and thoughtful that they will instantly strike a chord in your heart. Some of the religious Christmas poems are "Christmas Bells", "It came upon a midnight", "Clear Nativity" and "While Shepherds Watched".

Christian Christmas Poems

Through these christian christmas poems, poets express their thoughts and feelings on the ideals and values of Christians throughout the world. These christian christmas poems praise Jesus Christ, the Christmas and their beliefs. Some of the Christian Christmas poems are - "I Thank You God" and "Second Coming"

Christmas Tree Poems

Some poets were so floored by the beauty of the Christmas tree that they wrote about it in verse. While some christmas poems delve into the origin of the Christmas tree, others sing christmas poems for its beauty. "Christmas Tree Angel", "I am your Christmas Tree", "All brightly lit" and "Farewell my little Christmas tree" are some of the examples of the christmas poems on Christmas tree.

Make sure that you read Christmas poems to your children so that they also imbibe the spirit behind the festival of Christmas.