Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations Ideas

Indoor & Outdoor Christmas Light Decorations Ideas

The thought of Christmas reminds us of Santa Clause, snowman, reindeer, twinkling lights, gingerbread cookies, beautiful snow covered lawns, carols, jiggling bells, and numerous merry making activities. It's a magical time full of fun and excitement.

Christmas sparkling lights and decorations make a vital part of festivity. Christmas lights decoration render a unique feel making the festival bright and colorful in the white winter. Decoration with different starry Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and glittering ornaments enthrall the spectators. It has become more popular than Christmas candles.

Today, people prefer to light up their houses with scintillating light strands in an artistic way. The important thing is to incorporate lights with the selected colors and different patterns. The installation should carefully be done, and use the following steps to beautify the celebration:

  • Christmas light decoration executed in the traditional way add charm to the festival. It is available in the form of Santa Clause, snowman, candles, stars, angels, elves, stockings, snowflakes, bows and so on.
  • Use Christmas decorative illuminations in the form of peaches, peppermint candies, clusters, and lots that result in overall amazement.
  • Prominent lights in copper, red, and green colors add sparkle to the display.
  • Fix a monochromatic theme for white lights.
  • Combine different colors for trees used in decoration to have an effective appeal throughout the celebration.
  • Use miniature bulbs and charming night-lights for a special starry decoration.
  • Turn the simple Christmas decoration into a special one by placing artificial pre-lit and fiber optic trees shaped as flocked trees and palm trees.
  • Keep a guard on electric cords and sockets to avoid fire hazard.

Christmas Light Types

Christmas light decoration light up the festival with brilliance. It's a fun activity and is admired by all. They are available in different sizes and shapes and are a great way to brighten up the celebration with enthusiasm. They can be used both inside and outside as:

  • LED Christmas Lights
  • Mini Christmas Lights
  • Christmas Rope Lights
  • Christmas Net Lights
  • Christmas Icicle Lights
  • Christmas Spotlights
  • Bubble lights
  • Incandescent Lamps

Christmas Light Theme

Create a sacred aura around your surroundings using Christmas lights. A theme employed can convey the message more effectively. Mainly there are two styles to follow a particular theme. They are:

Retro Christmas Theme

It includes retro style Christmas lights often termed as Bubble Lights and have the capability to recreate the old days. They are comparatively expensive but cast spell when installed. These lights are best fitted for old houses and small villas that reflect and boast the color of stones. They are required to decorate the houses in a traditional manner.

Modern Christmas Theme

It displays scenes like Santa Claus in a spaceship or in an airplane. But it also includes modern Christmas trees or Nativity scenes in a modern stylish way that conveys the message of peace and love to all.

Christmas Light Sculpture

A dazzling array of Christmas lights forms the spirit of the festival. Light sculptures are a great source of attraction for modern people. Set up your light decoration as per the Christmas story. They originated as mounted metal for big lights and plastic frames for miniatures shaped as lampposts or street lights. Now even garlands are used to make the frames more beautiful. Depicting art, they can be found as:

  • Rope Light Sculpture
  • Animated Light Sculpture
  • Three Kings Light Sculpture
  • Yard Sculpture

Christmas Ornamentation

Since ancient times Christmas ornamentation in the form of lights has been in practice. Earlier bulbs were shaped and painted in the same way as the glass ornaments are made. The reflectors were also in fashion until the year 1970. While miniature lights molded as petal reflectors were used by the people to decorate their houses. In the later stages lights in the form of stars specially gained admiration and popularity. Today, LED lights are available in several shapes and sizes to add charm to the festive celebrations. You can find a tremendous array of lights ranging from Santa, snowman, elves to holy berries, poinsettias, wire mesh snowflakes, and other decorative ornaments.

Case Study

The season of Christmas brightens the whole world. It's impossible to accept Christmas without sparkling lights. People buy different colorful light decoration to keep their tradition alive by adding fun to the festival.

For Example: Christmas light decoration has become a mainstay of the festival. The first string of lights were introduced and sold to the people in 1903. Then in 1905, the light sets were the main source of decoration.