Christmas Holidays Activities and Holiday Times

Christmas Holidays Activities and Holiday Times

Christmas is a festival which celebrates love, brotherhood and togetherness. This is the time when all the members of the family come together, bond with each other and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by having a good time.

Christmas Holiday Recipes

What is a festival without good food? Traditionally, turkey is one of the main dishes prepared for the Christmas celebrations. Who can forget that classic oven or roasted turkey with the stuffing of onion or mushroom? Besides, the delicious plum cake, cardamom-flavored cookies, crown roast of pork with sausage stuffing, lamb and winter vegetable stew and fruit cakes are some of the must-haves for the elaborate and sumptuous Christmas holiday spread.

Christmas Holiday Poems

Christmas poems and carols form an integral part of the festival. While some Christmas poems may be funny, others are very religious. These poems convey the traditions, legends and myths associated with the festival be it Santa Claus, Christmas tree or red nosed reindeer.

Many famous and not so famous writers have depicted the festive spirit in their poems. Some of the traditional Christmas poems are "There was a night before Christmas", "Ring out wild bells" by Alfred and Lord Tennyson, "A Christmas carol" by G K Chesterton and "A Christmas greeting" by Walt Whitman

Christmas Holiday Quotes

While some Christmas quotes explore the humorous side of the festival, others depict the religious side of the festival or praise Jesus Christ. Be it funny or religious Christmas quotes, these quotes depict traditions, legends and myths associated with the festival and Jesus Christ.

Christmas Holiday Games 2015

Indulging in indoor games or outdoor sports and activities is a good way to spend time on Christmas holidays and increase the bonding between different family members. If you are homely person, you can go in for Indoor games like Monopoly, Battleship, Boggle, Chutes and Ladders, Dictionary etc. Also, there are many websites which have online Christmas games.

But if you are outdoor and adventurous person and want to instill team spirit in your kids, you can go in for rock climbing or a hike. Or else, you can go to a nearest park and collect leaves of different trees. You can then gather information about these trees and make a scrapbook with the help of your parents. Another option is that you go on for a bird tour in the nearest park and click photographs of different birds. You can then prepare a scrapbook by writing on these birds.

You can play basketball, hockey or tennis in your backyard. Another perfect option could be outdoor camping. Take all the things required for a camp like tent, bed sheets, food, barbeque equipment and other stuff and spend your day in a truly caveman style.

Christmas Holiday Crafts

If you want to do something creative during Christmas, you can give personalized touch to a normal cookie bag you want to gift to your friends by painting in Christmas colors like red and white. Add a bit of glitter to it and see the normal bag being transformed into a piece of art. Or you can make Christmas ornaments or stars for your Christmas tree with the help of cardboard pieces and then color them red by using acrylic paints. Whatever you do during your Christmas holiday it cooking, indulging in sports or doing craft, make sure you do not spoil or harm the spirit behind the festival.

Christmas and Holiday Season

Christmas Stories

Also Called Christmas season
The holidays
The winter holidays
The summer holidays
Type Varied
Significance Observance of multiple religious and non-religious holidays.
Date Approximately late November to early January
Observances Gift giving, family meetings, religious services, parties, other holiday-specific traditions
Related to Christmas Day (Eve), New Year's Day (Eve), Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Yule, Epiphany, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Hallowe'en, others