Commercial Christmas Garlands Decoration for Doors & Windows

Commercial Christmas Garlands Decoration for Doors & Windows

Commercial Garlands For Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and everyone is busy in shopping for gifts, Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. Festive lights, Christmas ornaments for hanging on the Christmas tree and Commercial Christmas Garlands are the Christmas decorations which attracts hordes of people all over the world.

Traditionally, Commercial Christmas Garland is considered to be one of the necessary decorations for the Christmas tree. You can also wrap it around the railings of your stair case to give it an innovative and interesting look. Or you can hang the garland complete with red, velvet ribbons loosely around the fireplace mantle to add a touch of class to your living room or drawing room.

Commercial Christmas Garlands are available in a variety of colors, styles and textures. Tinsel garlands and bead garlands made of plastic, wood or crystal are some of the favorite Commercial Christmas Garlands available in the market. Their color may vary from traditional red, silver and gold to orange and purple.

If you have a garden, you can use a fishing line to hold the Commercial Christmas Garland and it will look as if the garland is floating because the fishing line will not be easily visible.

You can also wrap your Christmas tree with an eatable garland by tying goodies like candies, chocolate coins, lollipops and cookies to a ribbon and remain assured that your children and guests will lavishly praise the delicious garland.

Garland grabbers can be used to keep Commercial Christmas Garlands firmly in place. Garland grabbers come in two varieties -- one which can be used on flat surfaces like fireplace mantle while the other could be used to hang garlands on railings.

Buying Commercial Christmas Garland

Commercial Christmas Garlands

Things to keep in mind while buying Commercial Christmas Garland

Length of the Commercial Christmas Garlands

The length of most of the Commercial Christmas Garlands available in the market is nine feet. If you are buying garlands with miniature lights, you can attach these lights together with the garland and get a single garland strand of 27 feet. But you should make sure that not more than three strings of light are connected together otherwise it could be unsafe and prove to be dangerous.

You can find up to 100-feet-long Commercial Christmas Garlands in the market but most of them are ideal for commercial purposes.

Diameter of the Commercial Christmas Garland

A garland which is nine feet long will generally have the diameter of six to eight inches. The more the diameter, more expensive will the garland be. While thinner garlands are ideal for decorating single doors, the garland with more diameters can be used for decorating the outdoors like building, trees etc.

If You Want To Use Garland For Decorating Outdoors

It is advisable that you don't buy white garlands as it may discolor or fade due to exposure to direct sunlight. Though exposing garlands to sunlight for three to four hours may do not harm them, but the exposure of 12 to 16 hours may lead to discoloration.

Also, it is preferable to use electrical tape to join the two sockets as it will help prevent water from entering the sockets and short circuit. No matter which color or style you choose for your Commercial Christmas Garland, it will surely add the sparkle to your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Garland Types

  • Flower Garland
  • Tinsel Garland
  • Pine Garland
  • Rope Garland
  • Popcorn and / or Cranberry Garland
  • Bead Garland
  • Vine Garland