Indoor Christmas Decor for Trees and Outdoor House

Indoor Christmas Decor for Trees and Outdoor House

With the festival of Christmas round the corner, every home in every street of a town is decked up with colorful lights. Every house is swathed with colorful lights in such a way that it looks as if a bride is dressed up on her wedding day.

Every part of the house, be it inside or outside, is decked up with lights, flowers, Christmas garlands and of course Christmas tree.

Outdoor Christmas Decor

If you are decorating your lawns for Christmas, it would be easier for you if you choose a specific theme, especially if you are planning to host a Christmas party outdoors. The theme could range from a specific color like red to a character like Santa Claus or you could even give a rustic look to your lawns.

You should choose decorations, music and invitations according to your theme. If you have chosen Santa Claus as a theme for your party, you can put cut-outs of Santa Claus on the trees. You can also ask a family friend to don the garb of Santa Claus and distribute goodies among children. You can even ask your guests to come dressed as Santa Claus.

If you have chosen rustic theme, you should stay as close to nature as you can so you should avoid using excess of artificial ornaments. You can use wooden logs for seating arrangements. You can also light up a big fire in the middle of the lawn. You can decorate your trees with holly and mistletoe.

  • You can use artificial snowflakes for decorating trees and you can even sprinkle these snowflakes on plants and grass in your lawns.
  • You can also hang some candies on the trees but make sure that children could easily reach them.
  • A corner of your lawn can be exclusively used to depict Nativity scene full with Mother Mary, Joseph, three Wise Men and the shepherds.

Christmas Trees

As a living room is incomplete without a Christmas tree during the festive period, a Christmas tree wouldn't look attractive without Christmas ornaments, Christmas bells and colorful lights.

  • Christmas bells and balls, which come in different sizes and colors, are a significant part of Christmas tree decoration.
  • Besides, you can use various Christmas ornaments available in the market to decorate your tree. It is advisable to use small Christmas ornaments made of wood or plastic.
  • You can also make snowflakes out of white paper and hang on the tree. You can even hang some small empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper to remind you of the gifts you are going to get!
  • An amazing variety of lights are available in the market for you to choose to decorate your Christmas tree.

Indoor Christmas Décor

Besides Christmas tree, there is a lot one can do to deck up one's house for the festive season. 

  • You can tie colorful ribbons or bows on your curtains. You can even tie colorful bows on the back of the chair, stair railings.
  • You can even pin up a variety of Christmas stockings to a pin board or hang it on to the mantle of your fireplace.
  • You can light candles in all the four corners of the living room. Switch off all the lights and you'll see your living room transform into a romantic fantasy world. Light candles on the dinner table and have a memorable feast of the season.
  • But if your kids are small you can use special Christmas lights to give the festive look to your living room. It is preferable to use low watt bulbs for decorating indoors while high watt bulbs would be perfect for decorating your garden or the outdoors.
  • You can also hang wreath full of bows, fruits, ornaments and candy on every door of your home. You can buy artificial wreaths if you want to save cost of buying wreaths year after year. You can decorate your staircase railings with lights, wreaths, bows, ribbons or garlands.
  • You can also put fresh flower arrangements in flower vase or a basket at prominent places in every room of your house.
  • Spread out your favorite tablecloth and take out your festive cutlery and crockery to enjoy each and every meal of the season.

A decorated house will give you happiness only when your loved ones are near you so ensure that your near and dear ones are with you during the festive season to make it more happy and festive.