Christmas Carols Music & Classification

Christmas Carols Music & Classification

'Carols' whenever we hear this word, Christmas bells start ringing, sounds of people singing, starts to echo in our ears. Carols the festive songs, the songs of praise, which are generally religious in nature are sung when the Christmas season comes to knock the door. Carols are an inseparable part of the festive Christmas season.

Christmas Carols Sheet Music

As for every kind of music, we need a book or sheets for the lyrics, music notations etc. For Christmas also certain sheets are there which has been tailor made featuring the vocal part, the lyrics and the chord symbols as well.

  • One can find these Christmas carols sheet music in the shops as a hard copy.
  • Nowadays, it is available in the market in the form of CD- ROMs.
  • These Christmas carols sheet music can also be found online in various dedicated sites
  • which provide these index wise and one can listen to them then and there.

History of Christmas Carols

There lies an in-depth story behind this holy carol:

Root of Carols

Carol, the word belongs to the medieval age and originated from the French and Anglo-Norman, which means a song meant for dance.

Theme of Carols

The themes of the carols are essentially the winter season and this is the reason why they got coupled with the Christmas.

Holy Carol During Thirteenth Century

In the thirteenth century carols were associated with many festivals like the harvesting season apart from Christmas.

Later Story of Carols

But later carol singing got initiated in the churches and carols got distinctively associated with Christmas.

Christmas Hymns

Carols referred to songs for dancing where as Christmas Hymns refer to the text and not the tune.

What Are Hymns?

Hymns are and have always been related to the praise. Like carols hymns are also sung in groups and are usually associated with the act of worship.

Holiday Songs

Unlike carols and hymns, holiday songs are sung just for fun and are associated with all the major holiday seasons.

Apart from Christmas, there are numerous festivals and occasions on which songs are made. All the Holidays have many songs dedicated for them

for example

  • Valentine's Day
  • Independence Day
  • Halloweens
  • Thanksgiving etc.

Spanish Christmas Carols

Christmas carols or Villancico as they are called in Spanish are as popular in other countries as in Spain. As in English, there is a long list of carols in Spanish too.

French Christmas Carols

French Christmas carols are also a popular name in the lot, of which very popular ones get even translated into English.

Funny Christmas carols

As every festive season has something in its store to tickle our funny bone, Christmas has it in the form of carols, which are called funny Christmas carols.

Christmas Carols Contain

These carols contain all the humorous things related to the Christmas like:

  • the Santa,
  • the tree
  • funny games and many more things.

List of Christmas Carols

There are many carols to name and that is why there are many lists of Christmas carols provided so that people can choose from the list itself.

Christmas Carols Classification

The main classification of these lists of Christmas carols is:

  • Religious
  • Non-religious.