Best Christmas Cake Receipes for Celebrations

The Christmas cake is a part and parcel of the Christmas celebrations. Christmas cake celebrations will remain incomplete without the traditional cake. It is always the cake and wine which is first served to people who wish each other during Christmas. Christmas cakes are either traditionally baked at home or are bought from outside.

Different types of Christmas cakesare baked or bought like spongy, moist, glazed, round, square, garnished with nuts, fruits, cream, rum, whisky etc. The traditional favorite of many is the Scottish Christmas cake which is made of Scotch whisky and is light and crumbly There is also a practice of adding coins in the Christmas cake as good luck charm. They used to be silver coins, or sixpences which used to be wrapped in grease proofed paper wrappers.

In Japan, the Christmas cake is eaten on Christmas eve which is generally a sponge cake topped with whipped cream, fruits and chocolates. In the Phillipines, the Christmas cake is soaked in rum or brandy with syrup of sugar and water. These cakes have a long shelf life and are ideal for Christmas gifts. Sometimes they stay so long that they are even consumed during Easter or the next Christmas.

The story of the Christmas cake originated in 1870 in Victorian England. Initially people used to only have porridge as not many houses had ovens to bake cakes. Slowly, they started adding things to christmas cake and christmas cake became a pudding, which was later turned into a cake by adding additional ingredients.

Around the 16th century, a bean and a pea were baked into the cake in two halves. Whoever got the bean in the cake was to become a King for the night and everybody had to listen to him and the lady who got the pea would become his queen. In smaller homes, the person who got the bean would become the guardian angel for the whole year.

With Christmas around the corner, who can forget the delicious Christmas cakes associated with Christmas? Such is the fondness of people for these cakes that the Christmas is not assumed to be completed unless the Christmas cake is distributed in the home and shared by all the loved ones.

Christmas Cake Recipes

Christmas cake recipes are moms find a special reason to make Christmas cake on the special day of Christmas, the birth of the Holy Christ.

Where to found the delight of these cakes?

  • There are many books which can help you to make a yummy cake on this Christmas.
  • You can also refer to the Internet to have those great Christmas cake recipes.

Christmas Cake Decorating

It is observed that people prefer to decorate their Christmas cakes to make it more attractive looking with the help of:

  • Christmas cake decorating with strawberries
  • Christmas cake decorating with jellies
  • Christmas cake decorating with food creams
  • Christmas cake decorating with pastes

Those cake decorators are readily available in the market and you can make a use of them to provide that extra touch.

Christmas Cake Ideas

People all over the globe love to make unique Christmas cakes. To make it more beautiful:

  • They at times make the use of personalized messages on them
  • They draw pictures of Santa Claus to make them appropriate for the festival
  • They adorn Christmas gifts on them for luring children .

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

People wait all part of the year to celebrate this great festival. And when the time does come, they make sure it is celebrated in the best way by Christmas cake Picturesdecorating these cakes more creatively with all the available items in the market before gifting them to their loved ones. They become more inventive with decorating idea and embellish them with :

  • Christmas cake decorating with food items,
  • Christmas cake decorating with decorative things
  • Christmas cake decorating with colored flavors.

Japanese Christmas Cake

The traditional Japanese food during the time of Christmas is the Christmas cake. This cake is normally made up of

  • Christmas cake decorating with strawberries
  • Christmas cake decorating with whipped cream
  • Christmas cake decorating with sponge cake

People Gift Christmas Chocolate Cakes

As a mark of the celebrations to their beloved ones like:

  • Christmas chocolate cake gifts for relatives
  • Christmas chocolate cake gifts for friends
  • Christmas chocolate cake gifts for colleagues
  • Christmas chocolate cake gifts for fiance
  • Christmas chocolate cake gifts for wife

Jamaican Christmas Cake

  • The people of Jamaica are known to love dark, heavy and spongy Christmas cake with rich flavors and rum soaked fruits.
  • The Christmas cake is a favored gift to celebrate the birth of the Holy Christ since generations in Jamaica.

Christmas Cake Designs

The Christmas cake is designed with delicious food items like

  • Christmas cake is designed with strawberries
  • Christmas cake is designed with jellies
  • Christmas cake is designed with fruits.
  • The Christmas cakes are designed to celebrate the happiness involved with Christmas.
  • People share these christmas cake by writing their personalized christmas messages and quotes for their loved ones.

Christmas Cake Pictures

Nowadays, people also send Christmas cake pictures to their loved ones as a mark of their affection. Millions of Christmas cake pictures are downloaded from the Internet and used by people to surprise and make their loved ones happy.