Chocolate Easter Egg 2016

Easter, is one of the most happy and pleasant festival celebration for Christians around the world. Easter egg has been associated with the day since ages and it has become impossible to imagine Easter without Easter eggs. This special delicacy is served on the Easter menu regardless of where and who you are. Chocolates shaped into Easter eggs are increasing its demand and likeness around the globe. Easter time is a time to rejoice and people have found that these pieces of special Easter chocolates are the best ones to enjoy themselves and to present to their loved ones.

Tradition of Easter Eggs

Easter is the time to rejoice the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death on the cross on Friday. To follow Jesus’ footstep of forty days of fast and prayer before he was crucified, the Christians around the globe observe the same every year and stay away from non vegetarian or animal food items. Easter which is celebrated after the lent period of forty days when the Christians observe abstinence from meat, milk and eggs, is the mark of the end of the lent. Egg, which is considered a symbol of new life is eaten on the Easter day after about a month and a half of staying away from it. So in early time, the Easter egg, as it came to be called was decorated with colors and designs and enjoyed on the special day. This Easter egg custom gave birth to the idea of chocolate shaped into eggs when people found this treat a good way to associate with the day.

What makes Chocolate Eater Eggs So Popular?

With the start of March, every gift shop, cafes and food store stocks up Easter eggs and Easter bunnies on their rack and these tasty treats are sure to fetch them a fortune during the Easter month.  The chocolate Easter eggs are a favorite among everyone irrespective of the age and geography as these sweet delicacies are not just irresistible, but are also a traditional and Easter friendly way to enjoy. The Easter blessed chocolate treats also comes in a number of different flavors from extra dark chocolate to the plain milk ones and the ones with filled nuts, chip or crunches. Choose your favorite flavor and the chocolate Easter egg is available in that form.

Chocolate Easter Eggs Flavors

Chocolate Easter eggs are available in most Chocó flavors you might wish for, from milk chocolate to white chocolate and the extra dark ones with butterscotch or nuts, the eggs are available in almost all favorite flavors. Some Easter chocolate eggs being hollow inside may be filled with small goodies like little toys or gift to make it more exciting for the kids. It is also available in various sizes from tiny bite sizes Easter eggs to the giant one of 27 ft height made in Belgium. The chocolate Easter eggs also come at different price and big and small sized boxes that can be a wonderful gift at the celebration. Some of the best loved chocolate Easter egg flavors are:

  • Divine eggs, which are tasty fair-trade egg filled with small bite sized chocolate eggs.
  • Tesco White Chocolate Crème Brulee Egg- that are large white chocolate eggs with crunchy butterscotch pieces.
  • Sainsburys Taste the Difference Fruit and Nut Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with chopped nuts and raisins inside the chocolate egg.
  • The Chocolate Empire Handmade Organic Earl Grey Easter Egg, Rococo White Chocolate Easter Egg, Rococo White Chocolate Easter Egg and a lot more to choose from.

Preparing a Chocolate Easter Egg at your Home

Everyone buy chocolate Easter eggs for the special day, either to give it away to a friend or family or to enjoy it on their own. Here is a rather simple recipe to prepare a chocolate Easter egg for this Easter.

Double boil some cooking chocolate in a pan or microwave it to melt such that there are no lumps. In a plastic egg mould fill the chocolate till half and set it aside you can add a bit of chocolate chip and caramel in the middle. When the chocolate is about to set seal the two halves of plastic moulds filled with chocolate to form an egg shape. Wipe off the oozed out chocolate and refrigerate overnight. You can enjoy your chocolate Easter egg after removing the mould and decorating the egg with a small ribbon or colored icing.

Homemade or shopped, Easter chocolate eggs are a great delicacy to enjoy on the special Sunday which celebrates Christ’s resurrection.

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