Childhood Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday party ideas

Plan a short party, and the best time to plan is after your baby gets up having a sound sleep so that they will be at ease and in good spirits for the special occasion. The special ideas that can rock the birthday are:

ABC & 123 Party

Use bright colored party equipments and supply, children sing a song music and building blocks to craft a baby friendly environment.

Mommy and Baby Tea Party

Invite a few close friends to commemorate your baby's 1st birthday with an idea of traditional tea party birthday. Add a cupcake party trend to get a festive touch!

Zoo Party

Animals, fresh air and there is lot to be discovered. Celebrate the first birthday party of your baby with a visit to the zoo. You can either visit the zoo with some close friends or family members, or decorate the stage at home with stuffed animals, posters, stickers and hot colored party items. Build masks with paper plates, play animal charades etc. 

Mother Goose Party

Ask your guests dress-up as their favorite Nursery Rhyme Character. Hang or paste drawings or posters of Mother Goose character. Embellish a sheet cake to resemble an open book

A Color Party

Bright colors and simplicity goes hand in hand here. Decorate your home with bright colored balloons, steamers and stickers. Ask your guests to dress in red, all yellow, blue etc.

Color rainbows

Have a rainbow cake. Children can embellish walkway using sidewalk chalk. Give a coloring book with crayons as a return party gift. Serve cupcakes made in the same colored ice cream cones.

Old Macdonald Had a Farm Party

Carry your guests to a farm. You can also create one in your house with stuffed animals, toys. Make farm animal caps for young invitees, ask them to search for plastic chicken eggs, play duck, duck goose and sing a round of Old MacDonald Had a Farm!

13th Birthday Party idea


At such parties guests will be excited when they would be escorted into a pitch black room containing phosphorescent party articles. This could include tablecloths with designs that glow in the dark and matching accessories. Other articles may include watches, bracelets, hats, birthday candles and home decors.


You can also opt for superstition party. Make the party room that displays general superstitions and let the guests figure out the superstitious belief behind each one. It may include plastic stairs, plastic horseshoes, mirrors, black cats, open umbrellas and host of other!


Use a red runner going into the party room and put big glittering gold stars on the floor to both sides of it. Write the name of a guest and save the star for the part of the floor where the guest of honor’s name can be scribbled. Decorate the walls with posters of favorite movie stars. You can also use ticket stubs, a film tin, a camera, sunglasses and plastic champagne glasses to decorate the room.

Your are twisted

The objective behind this theme is that everything viz. decorations, cake etc. should be twisted in design. Decorations can be done with twisted ribbon; twisted balloons can add to the embellishment, you can even order a twisted cake with swirled chocolate and vanilla icing. The kids can play Twister as well.

Retro Party: Tie-dye

Tie-dye party can spice up the moods of your friends. Order a confetti cake with a tie-decoration on the white frosting. Ask invitees to wear theme clothing. You can encourage the guests to play retro games or dance to 60’s music.