Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry History - Celtic knots are knots with no beginning or ending. Jewelry with such design is called Celtic jewelry. Celtic craftsmen used silver or gold between 2000BC and 500AD to make Celtic jewelry. With an unmatched beauty, the celtic jewelry was very popular in Mediterranean.

Celtic Cross Jewelry - Celtic cross Jewelry is made in 9 and 14ct gold. Hand made in Dublin, it is hallmarked at the Assay office in Dublin Castle.

Scottish Jewelry - It not only lasts one life time but also lasts life of the descendants

Celtic Symbols - There are different Celtic symbols and their meanings.

  • Treskelion – Looks like three running legs, it stands for competition and man’s progress.
  • Triquetra – Symbolizing holy trinity, it is carved into stone black used in churches.
  • Triple Spiral – Sign of female power, it represents three powers of maiden, mother and crone.
  • Three rays – Side two rays representing male and female energy, the middle ray represents balance between them.
  • Single Spiral – It represents expansion of consciousness and ethereal energy
  • Five – fold – Representing balance, the four outer circles symbolize earth, fire, water, air. The middle circle signifies their unity
  • Three fold – Central hub signifies unity of three powers
  • Double Spiral – Representing equinoxes, it also represents balance

Crosses - It represents the bridge between heaven and earth. The inner circle represents infinity and eternal spiritual love.

Celtic Earrings - They are of two types : clamp and screw back. Fitting the style and budget, the Celtic earring offer sophisticated addition to the outfit.

Celtic Crosses - The circle in it represents the cycle of rebirth and life. The four arms represent the four directions.

  • North representing wisdom, stability, and winter
  • East representing knowledge, learning, and spring
  • South representing vitality, passion, strength, and summer
  • West represents intuition, emotion, and inner knowledge

Claddagh Rings - In Ireland, there is an ancient village outside Galway City named Claddagh. Richard Joyce, held as a slave in West Indies, learnt the art of jewelry making. Upon his freedom, he made Claddagh ring to celebrate his freedom and a symbol of love for his country. When worn on left hand, it means wearer is married.

Celtic Jewelry for men - Jewelry is not a copyright of women alone. Celtic presents jewelry for men, which includes kilt pin, money clip, tie tacs, belt buckles, cuff links, cuff bracelets and rings.