Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities from television, movies and from ramp are most looked upon people to know the change in the fashion. They are the first place where you can find a new celebrity hairstyle, a new dress or a anything and everything new and these celebrity trend setters are always a source of inspiration while choosing a new celebrity hairstyle or a new hairdo. However the celebrity hairstyle keeps on changing; at every other function you can find the every other celebrity in a new hairstyle or a new hair color.

The new celebrity hairstyle is always shown off at a premiere of a film, an award function or any big party and as always they get a lot of 'wows' from the people. These people try out a vintage celebrity hairstyle at these functions which makes them stand out in the crowd and create a mystic beauty around them while some do a very formal hairstyle making them look elegant and beautiful. And some celebrity hairstyles are really simple so that anyone can try it out and as usual most of us try it out and create a trend out of it.

We are always eagerly waiting for our favorite celebrity to come out in a new and fashionable celebrity hairstyle so that we can pick it up. And their hairstyle keeps on changing every other time you see the celebrity at the television or in a magazine, it may change every year and sometimes every season and most of them are lucky enough to make a fashion statement that set a trend that year or the years to come on each of their hairstyle.

Each time we watch their celebrity hairstyle grows from the very superb one to a one which is still better. They change their color from the shade of plain shimmering black to very light blonde in just a matter of time. They set a trend of straight long hair this time and a short pixie blonde the next. It is not just the women celebrity who keeps on changing their style, most of the Hollywood actors and models also are keen on setting a new style each season and you can see them with a new color and a new cut from time to time.

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Celebrity Short Hairstyles:

Some of the all time favorite celebrity short hair is Princess Diana's short and elegant style. Even today, years after her death, many female moms are religiously following the style set by her. Oprah Winfrey is another woman who has always worn her hair short and dark, but she has always tried curls, waves and a variety of straight celebrity hairstyle. Halle Berry is another most remarkable woman who has set a trend with her beautiful hairstyle. She is one of the most beautiful women who have set a short crop hairstyle at the 2002 award function which became a sensation that year.

This year she have pulled up a short and curly hairdo and the golden globe award function 2010 she presented herself in a new pixie short dart hairstyle which was indeed very stunning on her. Rihanna, the singer and the beautiful black model also have tried some of the best short hairstyle and she was wearing a super curly short style at the 2007 American music awards and the same year she was also seen in an ultimate straight bob at another event. And this year she have tried a short asymmetrical celebrity hairstyle with long bangs at her fore head and this time this very beautiful women have also added bright and bold color to her short fashionable hair.

Celebrity Long Hairstyles:

Almost every woman might have tried on a long celebrity hairstyle at some instance of their life. And almost every one of the celebrity have tried on at least a few long celebrity hairstyle along their carrier and thinking about long celebrity hairstyle we cannot forget the super straight black long hair with the side parted bangs which was one of the most sort after Demi Moore style. She has a healthy beautiful and dark hair and she have tried out many simple but beautiful celebrity hairstyles over the years and this year she have chosen a slender and beautiful long hairstyle with soft curls which make her look ever more stunning. Nicole Ritchie, one of the most recognizable celebrities has tried on long, beautiful layers this year.

The uneven bangs and the light hair color have given her a sexy chic look loved by everyone. Jennette McCurdy, the seventeen year old actress has tried on a very beautiful curly celebrity hairstyle this year at the Country Music Awards function. This chunky and sexy celebrity hairstyle with the most beautiful color has been noticed by everyone who saw her at the function and is one of the best celebrity hairstyle tried this year. The Megan Pak hairstyle at the People's Choice award was a remarkable formal prom style. This attractive style is very simple and elegant. And Jennifer Lopez is without her bangs this year, she has a great celebrity hairstyle this summer with a certainly great color and highlights which have made her look even more beautiful.

Celebrity Men Hairstyles:

Though it is the female population who mainly looks up at the changing celebrity hairstyle among the celebrity so as to adopt them, men are also starting to absorb the celebrity looks by copying their hairstyle or dressing styles. The trendy or sometimes very serious celebrity hairstyle worn by certain heroes in movies are taken up by the people, usually by the younger guys and teenagers. Some of the trends setting male celebrity are Brad Pitt, David Beck am, Leonardo de Caprio, Tom Cruise, Owen Wilson or some other actor or sportsmen.

It is usually these people who introduce a new celebrity hairstyle and make it a hit among the common. The long hair, the short hair and the spiky hair trend were all set by one or other of the celebrity men, which were slowly and gradually copied by people at every nook and corner making it a trend. It is really surprising how fast the celebrity hairstyles are taken up by the people and how rapidly it gets set in the heart and head of every other fashion lovers.

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