Carnival Party Games

Parties are a time to enjoy and celebrate. Today more and more party organizers are including a few carnival games to make their party more colorful, interesting and lively. Carnival theme parties are becoming popular today because of the easiness to organize it and the success they are. The carnival party can be conducted on occasion like birthday party, holiday or end of season sports.

Organizing The Carnival Party Games

Organizing carnival party is an interesting job. If you are careful of the games you includes, the guest you invite, prizes given and a few other things, and plan everything accordingly and at time, you can surely make your party one of the best and the liveliest one.


Planning the theme of the party and inviting the guest are the very first step in organizing any party. If you are planning a carnival party, let your guest know about it through colorful and attractive invitation card. You can also inform your guest about the carnival games to be conducted and provide a small raffle ticket which they should be bring with them to the party to enter the draw which would get the winner a surprise gift. The age of the guest will decide the games and every other things like gifts in a carnival party. If you are organizing a children's party or a birthday party, the decorations, the games and the gifts of the party should be appealing to the little ones. And if the is conducted for families, the games should be planned in such a way there is something for everyone.

 Party Area

Plan the games for the party depending on where you organize it. If you are organizing an indoor party in a hall or at your home, plan games which requires lesser space and are less messy like guessing games, bucket games etc and if you are planning a garden party or an open air ones plan more elaborate and skill based games like shooting games, hoopla throws etc. don’t plan too many games in a small and closed place because this not only makes the place congested, it also spoils the fun of the party and the games. Give space for each game and plan it well, never place two most attractive games side by side as this spoils the balance of the party.

Food And Drinks

Food and drinks are the best attraction and the most important piece in any party. Always plan your food based on the theme of your party and on the taste of your guest. If you are organizing a carnival party don’t plan elaborate menu, rather include food like hot dogs, sandwiches, ice creams, pastries, pop corns, soft drinks and soft candies. Try se4rving these at small 'food booth' to make it more carnival like. It is better to prepare simple and easy to eat foods as it is a party to have fun and you don’t want your guest to spent their time on food and stay away from the games. Balance your party so that you have a  correct blend of good food and great fun and your guest enjoy them both.


The carnival party should have at least six or ten games suited for the guest you are planning to invite. If you are planning a kid's party, choose games which are simple, colorful and at the same time easy to win. Plan the game suited for different age groups like some for your little guest who are of age 5 to 8 and some for age group 8-12. You can also choose the prizes which are appealing to your little guests of the day, buy some stuffed toys, little cars, balloons, color pencil, candies and coloring books. If you are planning a carnival party for grown up or family party, plan games for every age group; something involving luck and some involving skills. For family party plan prizes like cook books, cigar holder, pens, table cloth, scarves or something which grownups would prefer along with the gifts for small children. And don’t forget to include at least one or two game where every one of your guest has a chance to win something.

Some of the game best included in carnival party are  bean bag toss, ball toss, ring toss, coin toss, darts, twister, balloon stomp, bingo, fishing games, pin the nose on the clown and fortune teller in tent. And give a chance for every guest to participate and win. Carnival parties are always loud and full of life so host it such a way that everyone gets their piece of celebration and are satisfied and happy to the fullest.

Looking After The Games

Assign a grown up or a big child to run each games in the party, tell them the rules of the game and also ask them to take care no one gets hurts during the shooting games or bowling ones. Managing the guest with respect and controlling the party at the same time is a talent and only some can do it. so give a piece to everyone and let the party and the game be looked after from every bit of it.

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