List of Carnival Games

Carnivals are popular with children and adults alike with fun games and activities. As a fun event, a carnival can be organized by a church group or school to raise awareness and funds for special purposes.

Organizing a Carnival:

It is always good to choose a theme for the event. The next step is to use Clip Art to not only advertise the event but also create signage for the different booths. Make sure to have enough people to manage ticket sales, concession booths, raffle events and auctions. If the carnival is being held at a school, here are some ideas on games and activities.

Creative Ideas for Carnival Games:

  • Fishing: Use a fishing pole to catch items. Magnets, Velcro or even hooks to catch fish or other items.
  • Scavenger hunt: Make it interesting by offering kids maps and a list of items to find around the school.
  • Digging for treasure: Put some plastic eggs with numbers in shallow sand boxes or buckets so that kids can get candy and other goodies.
  • Games like basketball, bowling and even mini golf are bound to draw a big crowd.

There are quite a few resources for carnival game ideas on the Internet.

Other activities

Face painting, photo booths, pony rides, bouncy rides, video games, karaoke, dancing, crafts like cookie decorating and puppet making are all very popular. A petting zoo would be a big draw as well. Of course, food stalls are absolutely essential to such an event as well. Candy floss, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream and other easy to eat foods are expected. Think of ways to add on to the event so it can be a big hit.

List Of Carnival Games
1 High striker or Ring the Bell 15 Dart
2 Big Six Wheel 16 I Got It
3 Bingo 17 Bottle Stand
4 Skeeball 18 Birthday
5 Whac-A-Mole 19 Milk Bottle
6 Cross Bow Target Shoot 20 Horse Race
7 Weight Guessing Booth 21 Basketball
8 Balloon And Dart 22 Duck Pond
9 Pingpong Ball and Fishbowl 23 Fishing
10 Ball and Bucket Toss 24 Shooting Gallery
11 Ladder Climb 25 Bulldozer
12 Ring Toss 26 Plate Break
13 Water Gun 27 Cover the Spot
14 Kissing booth 28  

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