Carnival Games Kids

Carnival games are fun and is equally popular among kids and grown ups. The carnival games may be skill based or luck based and if it is your day, you can win any number of prizes at the carnival game. There are a number of games both old and new which can be a lot of fun. But planning the games for each occasion may be different.

Kid's Carnival Games

Carnival games for kids are a lot more simple and easier that the original game but the fun nd the thrill remain the same. The kid's game may include a simpler and easy to win version of the real games and makes the kids happy and excited at the same time. Some of the carnival games for little children are

Knock The Pyramid

This is a game which involves a bit of aim to win. In this game, small metal cans will be arranged in the form of a pyramid which should be knocked out by using rubber ball. In kids game the ball used for shooting is much bigger and the tin cans are smaller than the grownups game. The point from which the tins should be aimed at is also decided based on the age of the child participating. For smaller children, the start point will be just a few feet from the pyramid.

Hungry Mr. Jack

This is also an aiming game where the children should pass the ball through the opening which is the mouth of Mr. Jack. The ball provided for this game will be much smaller than Mr. Jack's mouth so it can easily pass through the mouth making the hungry Mr. Jack happy.

Loop The Elephant's Nose

In this game, the children are provided three rings which should be thrown at the elephant's trunk. The elephant's trunk is made from an old horse pipe which is fixed on the large drawing of an elephant's face and held upright by metal wires. Whoever throws the rigs on the upright trunk is the winner. If the participant can throw all the rings at the trunk, he can win a bigger prize.

Bucket Game

Arrange four to six small buckets in a row spaces two or three feet away from each other. The participants are required to throw plastic balls into the bucket one by one in the order of the bucket. The first ball should go into the first bucket and the second into the second, if a child can throw all the balls correctly, then he is the winner.

Mouse Holes

The participants are made to shoot the small ball using golf bat such that the ball goes through the hole cut in the cardboard 'wall'. The participant can strike once and get their ball enter the wall through the big or small hole. The smaller the mouse hole, the bigger the prize. The participants are given three balls to shoot at but each should be shot just once.

Pop The Balloons

This is a dart throw game where the child participating is given three darts. They are made to throw the dart on the wall pinned with the balloons. If he/ she can pop the balloon by throwing the dart, he will be the winner. This game is suited for bigger kids as smaller ones may get hurt while using the dart. To make the game more easy, the size and number of balloons on the target wall can be increased and the distance of the start point decreased.

Bean Bag Throw

The children are made to throw the bag of bean bag into the hole cut in a cardboard box. If the child can am correctly and make the bean bag go through the hole on the box, he can win in the game. A number of holes are cut on the cardboard box and the bean bag shot through the smallest hole collects the best prize.

Guessing Game

The bag of jelly bean, a bottle of pebbles and a cup full of toffees are kept on the table. The participants should guess the number of objects in each one. The participant giving the answer nearest to the correct number is the winner. Similarly, they can also be asked to guess the weight of different objects by trying them on hand.

Lollipop Bag

Children loves to win at any game so there should be sure to win games for them. The lollipop game is one such game where the child chooses a lollipop from the bag and he wins by the color of the candy. It is already set that which color lollipop gets which particular prize and the bag is filled with different colored ones. So the color you have gets you the different gift.

Fish Your Prize

This is also a sure to win game; here a plastic water tub is inflated and filled with water and a lot of plastic floating toys are included in the pool. The children should touch a toy with the dangling rope at the end of their fishing rope while the water is made to move. Whichever toy is 'fished' by the child is won by him. 

Bet On The Color

Here the children should place their token on any of the six colored papers set in a row. The game conductor rolls the dice which has the color matching the six colors on the paper on its six faces. If the dice falls with the colored face up, that matches the color of the paper on which the participant had placed his token, he wins.

Penny Throw

Here the participants are made to throw pennies into metal tins which are kept at a distance from the start point. A few numbers of metal tins are arranged in a row and child can throw the penny into any of the can. If the penny falls correctly into the can, the child wins a prize. To make the game more interesting, each tin can is assigned a different prize and the can in which the penny falls decides the prize to be won.

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