Carnival Games Ideas

Carnival games are also a fun way to celebrate, to party and to raise funds. These are interesting games which calls for a whole hearted involvement and enjoyment from the part of the player. Today most of the kid's party and other fun parties include a few of such games to make it more colorful and interesting. They are the easy and interesting way of fund raiser as the carnival games are held on a pay per game basis and the more interesting you make the game and the more players you attract, the more you are going to make out of it.

Planning to put up a carnival game? Choose from game ideas which are neither too expensive nor too complicated. If it is for a fund raising purpose and you just organize the carnival game for a day or two, it is always advisable to put in a lot of low cost but interesting games, because you would never want to spent more on the putting up of the game than you are going to earn from it.

You can always include games which are all time favorites among people like the ring game, bingo and shooting the balloon. You can also set up a small refreshment booth providing ice creams, juices, chocolates, hot dogs, candies and hot dogs.

Games For Your Carnival

You can plan easy and interesting little games to make your carnival a success. But remember don’t make the games too difficult and hard to win, because most players prefer easy win games and more the  number of people winning on a particular game the more will be its demand. But never make it too easy so that the game looses the excitement factor in it.

Knock Down Game

You can arrange a few light weight wooden bottles on wooden racks set on the wall or board. Arrange the bottles in a pyramid such that they are stable but will fall off if shot at properly. Give your players two balls to aim at the bottle arrangement and let them try to bring all the bottles down by the two throws. If they can get down all the bottles from the rack, give away the prize promised.

Dart Throw

Arrange a plywood board 8*4 feet in area and pin on a number of equal sized balloons on it using push pins. You can tie a tag on the balloons stating the prize to be won on breaking it. Give your players three darts and lit them aim at the balloon. The one they pops determine the prize they wins. Or else you can also decide the prize by the number of balloons popped by the player. The maximum number of balloons popped calls for the bigger prize.

Ball In The Bucket

Arrange five to six similar and small buckets in a row and a foot apart. Let your player throw in the balls in the bucket starting from the nearest bucket to the farthest in the order.

Feed The Hungry Clown

This is an easy game to set up if you can sketch up or print a life size colorful clown with open mouth. Paste the clown on a cardboard and cut a hole in the place where it has the mouth, and it should be large enough to pass in the balls you provide the players with.  Give your players with a set of three small rubber balls and let them throw it through the hole from a distance of three or four meters. Whoever passes the balls throw the hole will be the winner.

Pin On The Tail

Make a big drawing of an animal namely an elephant, a giraffe or a zebra. But remember not to draw any tail on it. Give your player a ribbon with a push pin at one end and ask them to pin in this tail at the place where the tail should be. Easy right…. but your players will have to find the correct position of the tail blindfolded.

Hoopla Bar

Get many interesting and small stuffed toys and other big and small prizes. Arrange all of them and some wooden boxes on your play area. Provide your players with medium sized hoopla that can fall on through prize. Whichever prize your player's hoopla settles on is given away to them and if the hoopla falls on the wooden box you can either give them a candy or an extra hoopla to throw. If the hoopla rings does not fall on the prizes or the boxes, it is 'better luck the next time'.

You can arrange the game of bingo by buying as many sets of bingo cards you will need. This game should be played simultaneously by many players and one attentive volunteer should be given the responsibility to look over the game and read out the numbers.

It is always necessary to assign responsible individuals with the planning and conducting of the carnival games. It should be taken care that no one gets hurt during the game; while throwing the darts and balls. Organize it as well as possible and include at least one or two games which are interesting to grownups as well as little ones. If you can try to contact the person who conducted a carnival game in the same locality and find out which games were a hit among the people and also try to make improvisation on the set up they had.

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