Carnival Games Activities

Carnival games are conducted in amusement parks, fairs, as a charity fund raiser and nowadays in get together and birthday parties. Carnival game is a game of chance and it usually a game or chance where you might get a hit of success by luck; or sometimes a game of skill when your shooting or aiming skill is tested. The winner of the carnival game usually goes back with small interesting prizes like stuffed toys, paintings, candies or other goodies. Schools and other institutions also set up these games as a fun way to raise money and the parents and students are given an opportunity to participate in these games. Carnival time is also a time for feast and treats as most of the times small hot dog and juice centers are also set up to make the carnival appealing to eyes, heart and stomach.

Carnival Game Activities

Carnival games may be indoor brain teaser games or outdoor fun games. Some of the common carnival games include balloon dart game, ping pong ball and fish bowl game, miniature rifle game, water gun game, bingo, ring toss, dart and many more. The thing about these games is the once you start playing the more you would want to test you luck and each time you think  ...'I'll get it the next time for sure".  The carnival also consists of activities like face painting, nail designing, eating competitions and other fun activities. These games and activities are equally interesting for children and grownups and the game site is full of laughter, hope and life.

Balloon Dart Game

This is a rather interesting and common game which tests your luck and a tiny winy aiming skill. A lot of balloons are pinned on the wall and the player is given three or five darts to aim at it. If he can break balloons with all the shoots, he will be given the promised prize or goody. Sometimes every successful dart is given a prize so that you get a smaller prize on one correct aim and a bigger one on full correct ones.

Ping Pong Game

Many ping pong balls are arranged on top of a plastic bottle each ant kept a few feet away from the start point. In this game the player is given a water gun with which he should knock off as many ping pong balls kept on the bottles.


This is a common and favorite game among children and adult. Here the players are given out printed bingo cards with numbers on it. A person calls out one number at a time and the players are required to strike it out and make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal crossed line and the player who first gets the required number of crossed lines, usually five  is the winner.

Ring Toss

This is one of the highlights among the carnival games. Here the player will be given a set of two or four rings and they will have to throw it among the different prizes displayed. If the ring falls over any of the displayed goodies, you can take it home with you. This game allows you to choose the prize you would like to win and then aim for it. There is also another version of this game where you will have to throw the ring over bottles or  any other things arranged before you and if you can throw the ring over the certain number of bottles, you get the prize.

Miniature Rifle Game

This is a game of aim, a target is displayed on the wall a few meters away from the player and the player will be given a certain number of chances to shoot at the correct point on the target. If you aim well and shoot out the target, you will be given a take home gift.

Treasure Chest

A small box is filled with a lot of seeds, beads and pennies and the player is required to find as many pennies he can in a given time. The total pennies collected accounts for his points and the winner will be the one who collects the most number of pennies within the given time.

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